Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review : The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream

Hey loves!

I don't have much products from The Face Shop compared to the other Korean makeup brands that are currently available in the Philippines so when a friend informed me about the best seller collection they launched during their anniversary, I bought the set as soon as I was able to go to a mall with a The Face Shop branch.

One of the products included in the set was the...

 The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream

The amount of SPF and the anti-wrinkle claim made me excited to try it. Also the part where it's included in their bestseller list. Anyway, check out below what the product claims to be:

Info from the website:

A ‘3-in-1’ BB cream (anti-wrinkle, whitening, sun protection) with perfect coverage
Total Skin Treatment BB cream(Special ingredients for rejuvenating skin): actively addresses all skin problems such as loss of firmness, dry skin, uneven skin texture and dull complexion
Better makeup results (flawless coverage + good adherence + long lasting):

- Provides perfect coverage without being thick on the skin.

- Contains coated powder similar to skin cells which offers great adherence.

- It leaves skin feeling comfortable, providing delicate and long-lasting makeup results.
Marvelous airy-touch texture:
A light-as-air texture that smoothly melts into the skin upon application making skin comfortable and able to breathe.
※Clinically tested. (Clinical trials to test firmness, moisturization, coverage, and long lasting ability)

How to use:
Dispense an adequate amount and apply to the entire face

Available in two shades: 
01 Light Beige and 02 Natural Beige

(Update: I was informed that a third shade, Natural Ochre, is available for darker skin. Check the comments section. And thanks for the tip!)

The one I have is the 20ml tube. A deluxe size. There's a bigger one I think which holds 40ml. I find tubes more appealing because I can easily get all the product out when I'm about to empty the product. The downside though is that some of the cream can leak out if you don't close the cap tightly. 

Below is how the product looks like:

It's quite thick and at first glance, I thought the shade was warm but it actually is pinkish.

When you spread it, you'll see how pinkish it is... It does still look appealing because it looks like it has a lot of coverage... Oh, and I appreciate that it is only mildly scented.

When I blend it, it has medium-high coverage with very, VERY dewy finish. I know that this is appealing to Koreans and maybe those with almost flawless skin. I, on the other hand, have oily skin and I try to stay away from looking shiny... so I guess that was a downer for me. But dewiness can be controlled with powder. ;)

Check out the photos above of before and after the product application.

The coverage is medium to high. It covered my acne scars and redness very well. The shade is still lighter than my NC30 skin tone and the Natural Beige shade is already the darker shade of the two shades available. That would be a problem to those with darker skin than me. And it can cause my skin to look pale because of the pink undertones.

With the help of translucent powder and a touch of concealer on the scars that aren't fully covered, this is how my face would look:

Instant glow! The dewy finish toned down by powder made my skin glow. Awesome, awesome! I also like the staying power. It can stay on my face the whole day... it doesn't help control oil though so my face will surely get shiny in a couple of hours. It also feel thick and heavy and I don't encourage you use this if you have dry skin or when you have dry skin flakes because it will make those areas so visible. Better to get your skin moisturized well first... and I'm not sure about the anti-wrinkle claim since I don't see much difference. I have only used this a few weeks though. :)

To summarize this review:

What I LIKE:

- Medium-high coverage
- Evens skin color
- Gives skin an instant glow effect
- Packaging
- Locally available
- Mildly scented
- Has SPF 37 and PA++
- No breakouts nor irritations


- Feels thick
- Too dewy for my liking
- Only available in two shades
- Makes dry areas more visible
- Pink undertones do not compliment my skin

Will I repurchase? Even though I love the coverage and the staying power, the dewiness and the pinkness of this BB Cream is too much of a turn-off for me. But I bet this would look gorgeous to those with lighter skin color than I do!

Have you tried this BB Cream yet? Which BB cream do you like best from The Face Shop?



  1. I've pretty much given up on Korean brands for BB creams when I realized that they were all too pink for me. Sayang, since I hoarded a bunch of tubes before. At least my mom ended up using them. I tend to stick to Japanese brands instead, seeing as they have more beiges and yellows in their selections.

    1. You made me realize that Jap brands do offer better shades for Pinay skin that Korean brands... But I have tried some K BB Creams that have yellow undertones naman. They are just harder to find. :P

  2. I actually don't like heavy coverage bbs :/ I only want heavy coverage for my concealer XD I want to cover imperfections while making my skin see through the makeup... in a way XD I heard lots of good stuff about this mainly because of the coverage :D

    1. If only I have better skin, then I would probably prefer the same. Nakakatamad lang na sobrang tagal for me to cover my blemishes one by one so I'm stuck liking heavy coveraged products to save time. Anyhooooo... ang ganda naman kasi ng skin mo! :P

    2. Dati yun, hahaha I feel like kailan lang nagstart maging agitated ng hormones ko. I used to only have pimples on my forehead and sides of nose pero nagkakaroon na ko sa cheeks kaya I reach out to my concealer often na XD I can't/don't know how to cover them well though kasi sometimes even if I layer concealer, hindi nacocover yung pimple and the way you make skin flawless is <3

    3. With my skin, talagang magiging expert ka in covering pimples and scars! Haha!

  3. Haven't tried this but I saw a third shade of this BB cream in TFS Trinoma called Natural Ochre and it's so dark like NC42-dark :)

    1. WOah! Well, that's good that they offered a third and darker shade. Awesome! Thanks for the info. :D

    2. No problem :) Also when I saw that you're NC30, I remembered that TFS had an NC30-35 (I think basta it's darker than this BB cream but it's way lighter than #3) foundation called Phytogenic Foundation. It's in shade 25 if I'm not mistaken :)

    3. Oh wow! It makes me happy to know that TFS is providing more and more shades that suit Filipina skin!

  4. This BB cream was a favorite of mine for a while! I too don't like the pink slightly gray undertone though. I really hope they create more shades that are neutral or yellow toned!

    1. It would have been PERFECT if this BB has our shade matches.

  5. WHOAH the coverage is really really good!

    1. Yeah! Really good coverage from BB's are uncommon. Love it when I discover some!