Saturday, February 01, 2014

Unboxing : Jan-Feb BDJ Box

Hello dears!

I'm super enjoying the long weekend. Been hanging out with friends, oversleeping, shopping and my first ever BDJ Box arrived a couple of days ago and I've been using some of the items inside already.

It took me only now to get a BDJ Box because they're always out of stock whenever I felt like ordering. Actually, I ordered this around September or October. The boxes for November and December were out of stock already so that's why I was subscribed for the January-February box. I guess people really love BDJ Box... I often see unboxing posts and BDJ boxes almost always contain interesting products that I would love to try myself.

And so, let's open the box and see the goodies!

It contained a list of the products included in the box: 

So here they are:
I included the price of the products in their full-sizes.

 2 full-size Beauty and Bright Moringa Soap - Php 114.00
Honestly, I don't see the point of getting two bars. I thought this is a way to try out products so one full-size is enough. Besides, I've been using this soap for months now... probably why I wasn't so cheery when I saw this. :P But just so we're clear, I do love this soap! 

 Avon Face Pearls - Php 599.00
Another full-sized product! I guess this is Avon's version of the popular Guerlain Meteorites. 

 Revlon Nair Art Expressionist in Monet, Monet - Php 375.00
Oooh! It's named after one of the most popular painters of all time. The wannabe artist in me is happy. :D

 Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara - Php 650.00
Got a deluxe size version. I'm excited to try this the most. :D

 Ellana Minerals Lip and Cheek Tint - Php 220.00
Not a fan of tints but this seems interesting. I swatched it on my arm and it lasted the whole day on! Amazing lasting power!

Sachets of My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Shampoo and Conditioner - Php 1,200.00 per bottle

Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack - Php 548.00
Tony Moly Oriental Gyeol Emulsion - Php 1,398.00

 Tony Moly Intense Care Live Snail Cream - Php 2,098.00
Tony Moly  Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream - Php 948.00

I've tried some of the items from Tony Moly from the GWP's I got from my previous purchases from the brand.

Garnier Color Naturals - Php 199.00
I don't usually color my hair that dark but the good thing is my mom does! 

and finally, some GC's!!!
3 Gift Vouchers worth Php 500.00 each from Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines.
Free Brow House Construction from Browhaus worth Php 548.00.
A Php 600 off for Brazilian Keratin Treatment or Php 800 off for Cynos Nano Digital Perming.

I'm very satisfied with the products I got especially since more than half of them are in their full sizes! For the amount I paid, I got a really good deal. There are products that I didn't appreciate as much since I've tried them already but I think I'll be using everything that's included in the box for sure. I'm happy with my first ever BDJ Box and I'll be buying another one soon!



  1. Depressed ako dahil wala ako nung pearls. BDJ where is the love?!

  2. Tellie, you got the CC Cream? I think that's more expensive naman so I guess there's still some love from BDJ. :P