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Nivea Products Now in New, Eco-friendly Bottles

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I'm happy to share with you that one of my favorite skincare brands, Nivea, has a new bottle design! I'm compiling some of their press releases in this post so you can also know what's new about Nivea and their products!


Every brand has a story to tell, and NIVEA started its own more than 100 years ago. The brand was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1911, launching the world’s first stable water-in-oil emulsion that makes the perfect cosmetic skin cream for all skin types. But it was not until 1925 when the world was introduced to the iconic blue tin known as the NIVEA Crème – making it one of the most successful products of all time. 

More than its skincare expertise, NIVEA also takes pride in its resilience through the decades, as it continually creates connections with different age groups. It was probably the scent, or perhaps the velvety texture of its iconic Crème which resonates strongly with people of different generations. 
NIVEA, the world’s number one skincare brand, has touched the lives and skin of millions of Filipinos, now reveals a fresher, more youthful look in its all-new packaging, signifying that a smooth, touchable skin is always in style. 

The blue tin as the new logo 
With the goal of strengthening its brand recognition through a familiar face, NIVEA decided to adapt the design of its best-selling and most-iconic NIVEA Crème product and restyled the blue tin to form the new brand logo. The brand has also banked on how the blue tin has been globally associated with superior care, quality, and trust. 

This year, NIVEA Body revamps itself, with a guarantee that 100 years of trusted care is still present in its new bottles. Through the years, NIVEA Body has remained committed to providing the best quality in skin moisturizing products. The brand also supports and provides for the need of users who know and believe that confidence begins with beautiful skin. 

“As a prominent and innovative global skincare brand, NIVEA recognizes the need to continuously adapt to changes over time and the latest trends in skincare, beauty, fashion, and even mindset. A new look is a starting point to showcase not only our products but also the values we stand for,” shares Alexander Schwieger, Country Manager for NIVEA Philippines. 

The Zeitgeist of skincare 
Being around for more than 100 years has made the brand witness to evolving trends and lifestyles of the world, allowing them to produce at least 80,000 print ads, 50,000 products, 7,000 films and over 50,000 photos. Creating a rich history of cultural diversities and transforming an insight on how the world has viewed beauty and style, the NIVEA way. 

“Our brand has connected to millions of people because we create an avenue that they can relate to – and it is through our advertising efforts. They see a reflection of themselves in our ads and films; they have been well represented. That is our relevance to our consumers. We have inculcated how being confident with the way you look is truly a NIVEA style,” adds Alex. 

Style that only comes with NIVEA care 
A proprietary feature of many NIVEA products is the revolutionary moisturizing ingredient, Hydra IQ Technology, a unique component found in all NIVEA Body lotions. This breakthrough formula activates the skin’s water channels to enhance its natural moisturization for more than 24 hours. Only NIVEA body targets to repair dry, dull, and sun-damaged skin, where continued use and application results in smooth, supple, and nourished skin starting from the deepest levels of the epidermis. 

“For over a hundred years of NIVEA’s strong presence in the global market, we have always shown that we evolve along with our customers’ needs. We develop, we innovate, because we care. Despite years of changes, our priority is always in style –to care for everyone’s skin, as if they were our own,” further adds Schwieger. 


Beiersdorf tied up with celebrated industrial designer, Yves Behar, and his award winning firm fuseproject to create a new design language that unifies the look and feel of the world’s number one skincare brand, NIVEA. The multiple award-winning industrial designer is committed to developing products that aren’t just functional, but which also enhance the consumer experience and appeal to their emotions - making it more prominent and easily recognizable on the store shelf. 

NIVEA aims to use the new design language to reconnect with trusted consumers and forge relationships with new ones using a cohesive, holistic design that is striking and contemporary, yet anchored in NIVEA’s storied heritage. 

Thus, this October, NIVEA Body rolled out its new logo along with its new bottle packaging across its entire product line. It is targeted to relay messages of stronger brand recognition and economic sustainability. 

 To further enhance the brand’s emotional connection with its consumers, Behar took inspiration from the iconic blue tin of the NIVEA Crème, adapted its look, and restyled it to become the all-new NIVEA brand logo. This also emphasizes how consumers have associated the brand with skincare expertise, quality, and trust through the years. 
Beyond its new design, NIVEA is proud of its new bottle packaging, which was made to be sustainable and environment-friendly. Now in a sleeker finish, every NIVEA Body lotion bottle is made lighter than before. It uses only 15% plastic, and is 100% recyclable - so it’s a choice you can feel good about every time you use NIVEA! 

 NIVEA Body’s new design and function directives exhibit how the brand extends its efforts in taking care of the skin to caring for the environment. To get attuned to its users worldwide, NIVEA Body remains committed to developing innovative products that continuously address the consumers’ evolving lifestyle. But no matter what style is in season, the end result remains the same – NIVEA Body effectively repairs dry, dull, and sun damaged skin by keeping skin moisturized - faster, deeper, and longer. 

Don't you just love it when the brands you support do awesome things like this? Nivea is now a classic brand but still continues to innovate and deliver better products from the inside (products itself) to the outside (bottle designs).

Last Thursday, I got this in the mail:

And I can honestly agree that the new designs look better and more hip for today's consumers.

 And the new logo rocks! I'm a big fan of their blue tins! That cream product is the bomb when it comes to moisturizing the skin (I even use it on my feet to soften them from the calluses). 

I'm happy with all the changes, Nivea, especially the more eco-friendly part. I'm glad you keep on improving and giving us quality and affordable products! :D

About NIVEA Philippines 
The world’s number one skincare brand is one of the most recognized and trusted skincare brands, proving through the years that care never goes out of style. NIVEA understands skin like no one else. That’s why we create products that cleanse, nourish and protect your skin, while giving it exactly what it needs – gentle yet effective care that keeps your skin smooth, supple, and radiantly beautiful. For more information, visit and like NIVEA Philippines on Facebook at 


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