Friday, February 14, 2014

Unboxing : January-February Saladbox

Hey everyone.

So yesterday I received a box from Saladbox.
One word that came into my mind was: FINALLY.

I don't want to say much about this box because there isn't really much to say... but I just have to rant on things regarding Saladbox.

I signed up for a 3-month plan last September, 2013. I expected to get a box on October so when I contacted them by the end of that month, I was informed that my schedule was from November to January. I didn't mind. Back then. I just thought that maybe the October boxes were already sold out or maybe I paid too late for an October box. 

But November has passed and still no box. I tried to be patient and waited 'til the half of December to ask again. I was informed that I will get my first box by last week of December. I was sort of pissed off but eventually, I didn't mind. I was enjoying the huge discounts during the holidays so I got pretty cool new things that got me occupied.

But here comes January. Still no box. I'm getting impatient. 

I was contacted by someone from Saladbox to ask if I got any of the boxes. I was informed that they are having some troubles with their new courier and some of the boxes were misplaced/lost including mine. I wasn't surprised. This happened before too with one of my previous Saladboxes. They gave me an option of waiting 'til they gather the samples for the November, December, and January boxes from their featured brands or just move my subscription months and get February to April boxes and they'll give me a January box for free. I decided to go for the latter option because I'm really, REALLY tired of waiting.

So yesterday was the day my first box for 2014 FINALLY arrived.
I'm not so sure how the supposed "free" January box would work out since this box covers the January and February months. I will have to get back to them regarding this.

So as usual, I'll just post the items inside the box:

List of the products included:

And some explanations on how things will go since they did this combined months thingy. LOL I'm not in the mood to explain anymore. Sorry. :P

So here are the products:
Clou Spring 2014 Sparkle Sands - P390
Clou Spring 2014 Pearl Beads - P490

Talk about overpriced nail art stuff! I was wowed by the prices of these! You can get something like this at Landmark for less than Php 30.00 and even less if you go to Divisoria. I do not understand how this should be priced as such considering the package design looks crappy. Sorry if I seem like a hater already even if I haven't tried them, but I just find it ridiculous. And what's annoying is that I got two of them when I know that I won't be using them much.

Missha Cotton Sheet Mask - Php 150.00
I do like Missha Masks so I like that this is included in this box.

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 1% BHA Gel sachet (regular size-Php1,120)
Paula's Choice Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum (regular size- Php 1,420)

I've been wanting to try skincare products from Paula's Choice for a long while now. Glad this is included as well. 

And that's that. YES. THAT IS ALL!
I'm annoyed. This is what I waited for four months? Overpriced nail products that I wouldn't even use and two sachets of skincare and a mask? I'm sorry but this box sucks. Probably the worst of all the boxes I've received. If I didn't want to try the Paula's Choice products, I would have just given the box away. :|

I really wanted Saladbox to get better. I honestly do. It's the first subscription box I subscribed to and I just have this thing where I try to cheer for the underdog (Glamourbox and BDJ Box are performing tons better than Saladbox in my opinion). But the experience I had with them during the last several months was bad. Really bad. I think after this subscription period, I will not be buying anymore boxes until I see a much, much, MUCH better Saladbox in the future.

Did you subscribed to Saladbox lately? Did you get the same problems too? What do you think of their January-February box?



  1. OH MY. This is a sad and dismal box. Baka magsara na sila. :P

  2. HM. NAKO NAKO NAKO. *laughs* NAKO LANG HA *cries*

  3. This is terrible! :(

  4. This is terrible! :(


  5. don't ever subscribe to saladbox, you will only waste your money! i have the same experience too! and i've been getting super delayed terrible products!

  6. Hey girls. Thanks for your sympathy. All I can say is... Oh well. :/

  7. Hey girls. Thanks for your sympathy. All I can say is... Oh well. :/