Monday, February 03, 2014

A Makeup Tutorial Session from Clinique PH

Hey everyone!

Last Friday I went to Trinoma because I booked a tutorial session from Clinique Philippines. I get to have a makeover done by one of their consultants and they'll be using Clinique skincare products that suit my skin. Here's what I looked like after the makeover:

What do you think?

I booked this because my friends, Helen and Robin, convinced me to try it out. I wasn't really in the mood to get out of the house during the long weekend but I realized that I'm on the hunt for other skincare products that I can try. I do believe that my current routine is good enough but maybe there are other products out there that can treat my skin problems better. So why not try the workshop and learn what among Clinique's skincare range would work on my skin best. Clinique is, afterall, one of the major brands that focus on skincare and cosmetics.

So before I introduce the products that was used in my session, here are before and after pictures of me:

Haha! I look weird and so dull without makeup! The right photo, on the other hand, looks so colorful and cheery.  

 The consultant tasked to do my skincare and makeup was Cathy. She was hands-on with explaining every product used on me. She knew exactly what to apply as soon as she analyzed my skin. 

And so, here are some of the products that were used in the tutorial. I didn't get to take photos of every product but I made sure to take photos of the ones that were very interesting for me and those that were highly recommended by Cathy.

 Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions
This is the range that deals with the problems I've been encountering for more than a decade. Cathy didn't use all three products though...

...she only used this for my moisturizer. Cathy said this will keep me hydrated without getting my skin very oily. It feels light on the skin!

To add more moisture to my skin, she applied Moisture Surge. It's also light and actually feels like gel made of water. It dries fast when applied and made my skin very soft.

She then applied the Pore Refining Solutions Stay-Matte Hydrator to keep my skin shine-free. I can't really say if this worked since I got oily after 3-4 hours. I dunno if it just didn't work on me or maybe the amount of moisturizers were too much? Not sure but I wish I get to use this more so I can be more accurate in my initial review.

And let's move to the makeup part...

She combined these three foundations to achieve my color wherein Cashew has the highest amount. She also combined their CC Cream. After blending it on my face, she topped it off with powder.

She asked me if I wanted nude eyes or smoky. Of course I chose smoky because I love bold eyeshadows! :P

 She used this for my eye makeup. I was worried just because it's blue. I don't do blue smoky eyes much just because it can get drag-like. In the end, it wasn't too dark but I wasn't fond of the finished look. I guess it was just okay. Not something I would do on me but it's just... okay, I guess. 

 For the lips, she used these very, very beautiful shades—Curviest Caramel and Mightiest Maraschino. Combined, they made an awesome peachy pink shade.

So those are the notable products used for my makeup tutorial with Cathy of Clinique PH. She was so nice to arrange the products she used from the first one she applied to the last one so that incase I decide to purchase some of them, I know how to use them. See the photo below to check it out:

 And what do you think of the look?

And also, they gave the people who attended the workshops some freebies! Two lucky ones will get full-sized products. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of them. Oh well.
But here are the products I got!

Super happy that I get to take home these. I got a free makeover and skincare lesson and I also got free stuff! Thanks, Clinique! :D

So do check out your favorite brands if they are doing workshops or seminars. You get to learn a lot and discover new products that can help you with your skin or other beauty concerns. I love going to those because I get to learn new stuff everytime about the brand and their products. 

One of the products I am eyeing on besides the products used on me in the tutorial is this:

 Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector
My skin's ultimate enemies are my dark spots that I got from blemishes. I'm looking for good products that can help me deal with that and I really, really hope that this can be my ally. It's quite pricey at P4k+ but if it works, then it's so worth it! Time to save up!

Anyway, other products I got while I was at Trinoma (and SM North which was on their 3-day sale) that day are the following:

 I answered Benefit PH's survey and they gave me all these samples for free!

 My second bottle of Ciracle's Vitamin Source C-20 — Php 1,2k+

 ZA Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream — Php399.00 (original price is Php 700+)

 Flormar Mat Touch Foundation — around Php 700 but got this at 10% off

 Biokos Vital Nutrition Eye Shield Treatment — Around Php 400-500
Been looking for an affordable eye cream. Hoping this can help slow down aging. Haha!

Beyu Soft Liner in Black — Php 450-500
Bought this because my sister took my very black eyeliner to Australia. Haha!

So that's all for this post, guys. :)



  1. I know how to do my own makeup but I love attending these events 'cause you get to learn the highlight products of the brand. Plus, the makeup artist usually has a lot of great, personalized recommendations (like here!) :)

  2. Yay Dawn! I just uploaded my photos for my Clinique Session post! Hihi but I already feel sleepy baka later ko na ma-post. Ganda ngmakeup sayo! <3 Had mine at ATC naman. Peg ko rin yung samples na binigay sakin kasi puro sachets lang hihi :D

  3. Looks good on you, so pretty!

  4. I rarely see you in blue eyeshadow nga! But it suits you as well :D Saya ng makeover noh!

  5. Angel - Thank you! <3

    Tellie - Agree! Now I'm so convinced to invest on some of Clinique's products! I can now hear my wallet crying. Haha!

    Genzel - Nice! I still wanted to win the full sizes though. I'm so jealous at whoever got those.

    Lou- Thank you! :D

    Helen - Thanks! Super saya! I want more!!! :D

  6. Wow! Clinique is so generous for conducting such makeup sessions!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. They are. Super happy I attended. :D

    2. What lippy are you wearing on the photo? It suits you :)
      ~Pauline @Clinique Philippines

    3. It's a mix of Curviest Caramel and Mightiest Maraschino from Clinique. :)