Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dawn and Liz Discover Payless

Hey ladies,

I just had to take some time off from studying to share with you our latest store find, Payless ShoeSource. Some of you may already know the store but it was only recently that we got to experience it. :)

Thanks to our friend, Riza, who had been one of Dawn's make-over victim in the past, we found out that Payless was having a sale on shoes. So we took her advice and went to one and thus was the story of how Dawn and Liz bought 3 pairs of shoes and one bag from Payless ShoeSource all in 60% of discount. :)

Here are our purchases:
Dawn's gift for her mom. Guess how much this is. :)
 Gray Gladiators for Dawn

Black Oxfords for Liz. :)

Last year, I visited the store and saw the same pair in brown, staring at me in my size but could not buy them. Now, they were on sale and they had a pair in black! So very ecstatic.

Gray boots for Liz.

What we like about the store:
1. The shoes are arranged in shelves that indicate your size. You can see all the designs that are available in your size.

This is particularly good cause you won't have to feel that depression after raving over a particular design then finding out it does not come in your size.

2. When they make a mark down of prices, the mark down starts from 30% to 60% (at least, that's what we observed in the store).

3. They have new designs coming in every Wednesday.

Happy Shopping on Thursdays for Dawn and Liz. :)

4. They put stuffs on sale at random.

I find this a good point because the chances of you getting a shoe on sale at a random day is high. Plus if you do come on a lucky day (sale day or at least the shoe you like is on sale), you won't have to have a cat fight with the other lady eyeing the same last pair.

5. The designs are really beautiful.

There are even shoes by Christian Siriano at Payless and they're really chic. :) I read on the US site that they have other designers who contribute to payless so if you're lucky you might find one and strike a good deal. :)

6. The service is really good.

7. You can reserve the shoe you like if you're short on cash and come back the next day to pay for it.

Cause I did that.

8. They accept credit cards. :)

What we were not that happy about:

Because any of the good that we like can quickly turn bad. Like when the shoe you like is not on sale the day you went, then went on sale when you weren't there; thus resulting to a sold out of stocks the day you find out it was on sale.

But anyway, those are normal problems you get from buying stuff. Other than that, we have nothing but praises and love for this store.

For more details check out this article of the store from

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How about you? Ever tried visiting a Payless ShoeSource Branch?



  1. I like the gladiators! :)

    I've only bought a coin purse from them because I get dizzy from all the shoes staring at me when I go to the shoe section. But I should probably check them out again one of these days. Nice picks! :)

  2. payless is the only shoe store that i really like visiting just because i got big feet & it's a pain to see something that i want but doesn't fit my feet.

    so i just head on over to my size & choose what design i want... hahaha!

  3. @Czjai - Dawn actually picked them out for me. :) And they'll probably be the reason why I won't have any lunch money for the rest of the week. :) But it's ok.

    @pammy - me too. I got so dizzy from all the beautiful shoes! If I only had a lot of money to spend I'd buy even the wedges that weren't on sale. :)

    @~tHiAmErE~ - the store's arrangement is just so ergonomic and practical. I just love it as well. You won't have to wait long for the assistants to come back only to tell you they don't have your size. :)

  4. Those black oxfords are seriously comfortable. I almost bought it when I tried it on... argued with myself for a while and decided not to get it coz I can't think of any outfit that it can match with.

  5. i didn't know you can have your items reserved in payless! thanks for the tips! :)

  6. @rae - when i bought them, i just really wanted to wear them for school. Now, I'm not really sure myself how I'd partner them with some of my outfits. :) Oh well, they still came cheap and they're still really lovely. :)

  7. @hazel - it's a one day reservation only. so you have to come back the next day or later within the day. :)