Sunday, February 02, 2014

Nature Republic Shine Blossom Rose Blusher in Baby Rose

Hello lovelies!

If I've been asked which makeup product I do not prioritize the most, I would probably say blushes. It's because I usually wear bold eye makeup or bold lipstick that I need my blush to be subtle so that I don't look... errr... drag-ish? Anyway, I think I only need 5 colors of blushes—light pink, medium, cool-toned pink, peachy pink, nude or old rose, and a really nice peach shade. All of these I prefer either matte or very minimal shimmer and I'm all good!

If you've seen my hauls, I probably bought only a handful of blushes in the past two years (the others I own were gifts or blushes given by my sister). The latest of the few is this one that I bought just a month ago...

Nature Republic Shine Blossom Rose Blusher in Baby Rose
Bought this for Php 375.00.

I bought this because I realized I didn't have a nice matte-ish peach blush in my stash. All of my peach ones are shimmery which doesn't look nice on my cheeks especially when I begin to oil up.

So before I show you the swatches, here are the labels on the box:

And here's the cute, tin can packaging:

I find it super cute but a bit bulky in my vanity bag. i prefer thin ones and with mirrors. :P

The puff is really cute too with the purple and peach bow design...
But I don't really use it because I prefer applying powdered blushes with brushes. Plus, I think this is hard to clean and might get deformed after some washing.

And here's the blush!!!

A really soft, light peach! Gorgeous!
It also smells soooo good. It has a mild, rosy scent that I'm so digging. I don't mind my makeup scented as long as I like how it smells and the rose scent is one of my favorite.

A swatch on my arm

It may look powdery but that's because that is a very thick swatch so that you can see the color. I have used many blushes who are much powdery than this.

So let's see the blush in action. Here are pictures of me wearing it...

Simple, subtle and brightening! I love how it makes my cheek look glowing. I like using this especially if I'm just going to work. I also pair this with smoky eye looks. I'm glad that I bought this because I wasn't really planning on buying a blush when I saw this. And it's affordable too so it really is a great purchase!

So what are your thoughts on Nature Republic's Shine Blossom Rose Blusher in Baby Rose? Would you wear a blush shade like this? Are you a fan of blushes or are you just like me? :)



  1. Pareho tayo Dawn! I dont have many blush which I personally bought! Last one is I think yung nars orgasm last year pa. Not that im not a blush person, it just doesnt excite me much hehe. But I love this one! Im also looking for matte ones! I think I'll give this ago. Is staying power okay? Im oily too so I want to know how this holds up. ;)

  2. Hazel - Staying power is pretty decent. But since it's very subtle, there are times na it's not that noticeable after a few hours. If you apply generous amounts of the blush, then it can last half a day 'til the end of the afternoon. :)

  3. i don't use blush as much too, thanks for sharing this review! very pretty shade