Friday, January 31, 2014

A Fair and Generous Fix

This post is an update re: my experience with Studio Fix Salon by Alex
Carbonell. In August I wrote about my hair disaster.
No one got back to me regarding the incident while I was in Sydney,
much to my annoyance. Had no other choice but to bear with the texture
and the hair fall and the "what happened to your hair??" comments.

I came back for vacation in Manila to celebrate the holidays, and was
keen on getting my hair done (brazilian keratin treatment) at another
salon. Then my darling cousin, Denise Congco of
- who's Hermes's fan and regular customer - told me to get touch with
H about my situation. She said that I should go back to Fix to get
things, well, "fixed." So I did - one day before my flight back to AU!

Hermes said he saw my blog post and was quite unhappy to learn about
what happened to my hair. He thought that probably the rebonding
solution was left on my hair too long, and that their team was at
fault. No unnecessary defense or drama or blame or tantrum — just an
apology and pure honesty. That was nice, and the humility was quite

Then he offered a free haircut, and a free keratin blowdry: exactly
what my hair needed. Everything took around 3.5 hours. The attendants
were really nice and attentive. I left the salon feeling that justice
has been served (yay!) and that I have better hair now.

Pictures, around a week and a half after:

Shampoo + conditioner, air-dried, no styling, outdoor lighting.

Still not the best condition - the ends are still frayed! - but waaaay
better than before.

So plus points to Hermes and his team for taking care of incident,
even six months after!

Closing this story now. :)

- Tracy

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