Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sephora: Retractable Eyeliner, Waterproof in Matte Deep Plum (21)

Good evening ladies,

My friend recently got back from her elective rotation in the states and she bought tons of make-up from there. So I borrowed some of them to share to you.

This plum colored eyeliner reminded me of the plum liner I used to have. Anyway, it's fairly easy to use as it glides easily over the lids and colors well. Like most eyeliner it's double ended with the smudge-brush on the other end.

I do feel like the product is a little shorter than what I expected. I don't think it would last me very long. But it is a good product and it colors well.

It's somewhat smudge proof as I tried rubbing it off a few times and it was still there.

But since people usually rub their eyes vigorously, like my friend, it's not really as long lasting.

Here it is applied on the eye.

The color is great and all. I do like it but I had t give it back. Hope there are products similar to this locally, and hopefully with prices that are cheaper than this one.


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