Thursday, November 10, 2011

HBC's 8 ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas: Week 1

Hi Girls!

Christmas is just a few weeks away!

And because it's the season of giving, HBC is generous enough to share their products to my blog's readers so they contacted me to host this amazing treat just for you!

The 8 ways to a Happy Beautiful Christmas!!

 I gladly accepted this offer to host it because as you've read from my previous posts, I've been loving quite a number of products from HBC and I'd be happy to share the experiences I had with their products to my readers. Aww... =">

So... What's this all about?

  • This event will run for a total of 8 weeks (From Nov. 10 - Dec. 31, 2011).

  • I will be posting featured products from HBC with some tips followed by some questions for each week.

  • 2 very lucky winners with the best answer will win the featured products per week just by simply answering those easy questions.

This is only open to Philippine residents only.

Mechanics of the giveaway: 

  •  Must be a follower of my blog 
  • “Like” HBC Facebook Fan page
  •  Spread the news about this contest to others by linking through the contest page to your own blog, Twitter or Facebook(don't forget to tag Hbc's facebook page!)
  •  and leave your complete name, email address, shared links and answer in the comment box below

Here's an example of what your response would look like:

  • Answer: "Type your answer here." 
  • Name: Dawn Catherine Llanera 
  • GFC Name: PeachyPink Sisters (GFC= Google Friend Connect - your name as a follower)
  • Facebook Name: Dawn Catherine Llanera
  • Email:
  • Shared Links:
    • Blog:
    • Facebook:!/dawn.llanera/posts/235857816476901
    • Twitter:!/DawnLlanera/status/134625922782466048

    * If you don't know how to get the link for your shared posts in twitter or facebook, just go to your profile and click the time you shared/twitted it -- example, "9 minutes ago".

    SUPER EASY, right??? :)

    Winners will be contacted by HBC and their prizes can be claimed at the nearest HBC store.

    Feel free to join and celebrate a happy, beautiful Christmas with HBC!!!

    So here's the featured products for week 1 :

    It's all about our crowning Glory!

     The right products make a world of difference when it comes to taking care of your crowning glory. 
    Beat frizz, tikwas, and all traces of a bad hair day with a few drops of serum, a mist of hairspray, or a dollop of gel.
     Anti-frizz or shiny finish? 
    HBC has got you covered with these products from Hortaleza Professional. 
    Stylize everyday with these great finds. 

    All you have to do is :

    Share with us what great looking hair is for you, your most unforgettable hair nightmare and what you did to turn it around.

    I remember one hair nightmare I had just a few days ago. Since my hair is permed, I can't just comb my hair anytime. I wasn't able to comb my hair when I was in the shower and we ran out of conditioner and I have classes in a few hours so I don't have time to buy any. The result is that my hair was all tangled-up together. Good thing I kept a bottle of hair serum that really helped remove the tangles! Phew! :P

    So it's your turn to share! Write your answers in the comment box and, who knows, you might be one of the 2 lucky winners! :)

    Have a Happy Beautiful Christmas, everyone!



    1. Answer: My unforgettable hair nightmare was during high school. I had my hair up in a high ponytail all the time so my hair developed a habit of having on odd wave. Since then, it's been frizzy and wavy. Now that I've graduated college, I've grown all the frizzy hair and maintain it with hair serum and deep-moisturizing hair spas.

      Name: France Navarro
      GFC Name: francenavaro23
      Facebook Name: France Navarro
      Shared Links:

    2. Answer: Great hair for me is that bouncy, walang sabit, smooth to the touch type.

      I always have hair nightmares since I'm not used to managing long hair since I've lived with short hair for as long as I can remember. Now that I'm letting it grow out it's hard to get it fixed for school. Because my hair is flies-away on one side every morning I decided to comb the other side in such a way that it will also have that fly-away effect. Fortunately, it somehow comes out as if I went to a parlor to have it blown out that way.

      Name: Elizabeth Mercado
      GFC Name: pigments4mycanvas
      Facebook Name: Elizabeth Mercado
      Shared Links:

    3. answer: when I had my hair rebonded thrice this made my hair frizzy and dull looking...What I did to try to salvage what had been done..I used deep intensive conditioning treatment, serums applied at night, cut the ends and promised myself never to do it again!!!lesson learned :(

      name: leilani c. sonza
      GFC: leilani
      FB: lelani c. sonza
      shared links:


    4. Great hair for me is super soft to the touch and shiny! haha I forgot to add this bit.

    5. Answer: Great hair looking for me is shiny and without flyaways.

      I already tried different kind of hairstyles. From long to short, staright to curls, side to full bangs. Now, I'm wearing my staright long hair with full bangs and I swear, it's really hard to have that perfect good looking hair. I remember that time when I fell asleep at my dorm since I'm still 2 hours early for my afternoon class. I woke up with a very buhaghag hair. My bangs is a mess and super nag flyaway siya. I didn't have enough time to fix it since I overslept and already 30minutes late. I just combed it and wear my hair confidently. I just pretend that I did it on purpose. To have a messy, wavy hair in purpose. And it works! Having a buhaghag, flyaway hair that looks like serena van der woodsen's messy hair :)

      Name: Kaila Ang
      GFC Name: kpnang
      Facebook Name: Kaila Ang
      Shared Links:

    6. Answer: For me a great looking hair is shiny, tangle free and easy to manage. It's my daughter's first birthday and i am very busy checking on the details of the party and i had no time to have my hair done, before going down to the party, i had a final look at the mirror and shocked to see my hair going everywhere, good thing i had a hair polish, put a small amount on my palm and smooth it on my hair using my hands and it turned out good.
      Name: Ria Romero
      GFC Name: melandria romero
      Facebook Name: Ria Rosaura Romero
      Email: melandriaonline(at)
      Shared Links:

      Facebook: Answer: "Type your answer here."
      Name: Dawn Catherine Llanera
      GFC Name: PeachyPink Sisters
      Facebook Name: Dawn Catherine Llanera
      Shared Links:



    7. Answer: Great hair looking for me is shiny at walang tikwas

      My unforgettable hair nightmare for me probably was when i decided to cut my hair short. parang na curious lang ako to try it. since my hair is frizzy at hirap ayusin i had a hard time styling it so i just used a hair polish and styled it with hair clip it turned out good!

      Name: Anna Wamilda
      GFC Name:annawamilda
      Facebook Name: Anna Wamilda
      Shared Links:!/annawamilda/status/135618343267868673

    8. Answer: Great hair for me is the one that reveals one's awesome features. the right cut, color, shine, or even the bounce of our hair definitely adds instant confidence!

      My worst hair experience was also my greatest. I remember having a long break at school, I decided to have my hair cut short and went to a small parlor down the street near our school. For 50php my hair was cut and blowdried into a short bob with short bangs. It was a disaster! the bangs was too short for my forehead and the chic bob that i was going for wasn't chic at all. I looked like EDNA from pixar's incredibles--less cute. After 3 days i got my hair rebonded and cut shorter. It was the best haircut i had ever had! I am still sporting that short haired look without the rebond, and i love it, with a little wave here and there, i find my hair unique and only me. And i know with a little shine, color and health boost(hair spa) my hair will definitely jump to that next level!:)

      Name: Neysa Saguid
      GFC Name: marianeysa
      Facebook Name: Neysa Saguid
      Shared links:

    9. Answer: Great hair for me is the one that reveals one's awesome features.
      The right cut, color, shine, or even bounce of our hair adds instant confidence!

      My worst hair experience is also my greatest. I remember having a long break at school, so i decided to have my hair cut at a small parlor down the corner of my friends dorm near the school. At 50php my hair was cut and blow-dried into a short bob with short bangs. It was a disaster! The bangs was too short for my forehead and the chic bob that i was going for wasn't chic at all. I looked like EDNA from pixar's Incredibles--less cute. For 3 days my hair was the class's laughing stock so i got it rebonded and cut shorter. It was the shortest cut i had ever had since i was a baby, and i loved it! I am still sporting that short-haired look without the rebond, and with my natural little waves here and there i think that my hair is unique and only me. Now, i think with a little shine, color, and health boost(hair spa) my hair would definitely jump to the next level!

      Name: Neysa Saguid
      GFC Name: marianeysa
      Facebook Name: Neysa Saguid
      Shared Links:

    10. I am no kikay type of girl. Im not the type who would regularly visit the salon to get my hair all wrapped up with aluminum foil like a lumpia, and have those fish bowls turned upside down get stuck on my head and steam it. Others may find it yummy, or rather, healthy for their hair, but it’s a total no-no for me. I’m scared that those bowls would just make my hair even worse. That’s why shampoo, conditioner and a couple of brush strokes would do for my perfect hair! It’s sooo soft, shiny, volumized, and manageable enough that I am able to flaunt it everyday! (Well, scratch the latter sentence. I wouldn’t be joining this giveaway if I would not be needing it. Haha!)

      They say that the hair is one’s crowning glory, but for me, it actually has always been my crowning WORRY :S This frizzy, dry, and tangled mess would always, and I mean, ALWAYS, cause my diyahe moments! The usual “Ui, okay ka lang? Bakit ang haggard mo?” questions; failed hair brushing every crush alerts; and the supposed to be “uuyyy wind effect! :>” but turned to “anu ba yan! BV yung hangin $*%#$#!!!” moments. It’s all nothing new to me and I got used to those. But what was really TRAUMATIZING is when one of the most important days for me came—the day that every graduating student has always prepared of—graduation pictorial. My bangs got stubborn nanaman!! It would not stay on one place though my friends and I showered it with spray net! What’s even worse is that it got so binded together that it looked even awful. I needed too much concentration to have it stay perfectly as it is, meaning I should not move a lot. After much practice on the mirror, everything was set. But still, I was too conscious and worried that my stubborn bangs would attack. And IT DID. Good thing the magic of Photoshop is alive. Whew! How I wish I could get that picture perfect hair everyday! But unfortunately, I still carry with me this crowning worry! :))

      Name: Bel Sarmiento
      GFC: khrizia.sarmiento
      Facebook Name: Khrizia Sarmiento (Bel Sarmiento)
      Shared Links
      a. Facebook:
      b. Twitter:!/beeelat/status/135732986413977601

    11. I have hair nightmares ever since I can remember. My hair has this very thick and frizzy strands that looked like dead hair to me and it was sooooo frustrating! I tried cutting it short but it was too thick it looked like a huge ball of hair attached to my head. Now I wanted it to grow long but it was still so thick and frizzy I looked like a girl from the early 90's were kinky hair was the trend. Thank God hair treatments are now affordable and i just have to wait a few years to get that type of hair I have been wanting in the whole universe!

      name: Renz Kathleen S. Mandac
      GFC: Renz Kathleen
      FB: Renskatlin Mandac
      shared links: