Saturday, February 08, 2014

Play With Colour : The Body Shop Hair Chalk in Falling For Blue

Hello loves!

The Body Shop just released their Spring Trend Makeup Collection. The front runner is none-other than their newest product—Hair Chalk! A small tub is worth Php 695.00. Along with the hair chalks, The Body Shop also included 2 sets of shimmer cubes and 2 lipglosses in the collection.

So a couple of weeks ago, The Body Shop sent me a package containing one of each product included in their Spring Trend Makeup Collection. And here's one of them...

The Body Shop Hair Chalk in Falling For Blue

Since it's the newest product and it's a limited edition, I used it right away after opening the package.

It's housed in a simple, round, clear container. You can see the rich, blue color of the product. "Play with Color" is certainly a fitting tagline to this pretty thing.

Here's what's labeled at the back.

And more info from the press release:

More info on the labels of the packaging.

This hair chalk is pretty simple to use. Just follow these three steps!

And there's also instructions included in the packaging just incase you are wondering. ;)

The Body Shop's Hair Chalk is available in two shades:
Falling For Blue
and Tickle Me Pink

I'd love to try the pink one but the blue that I have is just equally gorgeous. 

So here's a closeup of the product.

And a swatch on my hand.

And let's see how blue looks on my hair:

Here I just highlighted my hair with few blue streaks.

I thought I would look weird with blue strands on my hair but I actually find it fun-looking.

And in here I try to make it ombre-like.

And oh, I used the shimmer cubes and lipgloss included in the collection that The Body Shop sent me in these photos. Reviews will be posted soon. :)

I even added some on my bangs but just while I'm writing this post, I realized that there's a streak of hair on my bangs that's not evenly applied. Haha!

What I realized with hair chalk is it makes my dry hair noticeable. Haha! But it still looks playful and I have some creative makeup looks in-mind where this can be handy. I don't think I can use this for everyday looks a.k.a. office looks but I can definitely see myself having some blue highlights while doing my shopping, partying, watching a concert or just hanging out with friends. 

But just like any other hair chalks, this transfers to clothes. Avoid wearing dark and very light clothes. Safest ones are probably blue-colored ones, especially printed ones. Always set this with hair spray for it to stay longer and it's not waterproof so avoid using this when it's the rainy season.

Are you willing to add some blue to your hair too? How about pink? Would you like to try these new hair chalks from The Body Shop? :)



  1. Oh I wanna try it so bad. Is it gonna come to Thailand?

  2. Hi Minnie, not really sure if it will be available in Thailand but I sure hope so. :)

  3. Love it on you dawn! I think , hair chalks are perfect like if you want to try having colored highlights and you're not sure if the color you want will look good on you. Sayang they transfer. Pero ganda talaga. Now I want to try having pink streaks naman on my hair :D

  4. Is it still available today in shops? Or are there other brands selling hair chalk?

  5. I've bought these a while ago and only tried the pink one today, I love the colours, I have the blue one as well, looking forward to trying it after seeing this it looks so good on you, really effective! :D great post!