Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to Black

Good evening ladies,

I once told a friend of mine that the stress level I felt in my whole stay in Medicine is very much reflected by the times I got my hair colored, trimmed, and cut. My last year has certainly been my most stressful one and I think I colored my hair differently and had it trimmed (mostly because I was maintaining my pixie cut) every 2 months. Now that I'm almost done, I think it's prudent to go back to basics - at least appear to be. :)

So here's my hair color a month ago, I do love the reverse hombre effect of my hair but I just had to let it go.

I'm a super big fan of Jeannie Mai from the show How Do I Look and I super love her black hair tinged with blue or highlighted with blue so I got mine colored blue black in hopes of getting the same results. Here's day 1 post coloring photo... can you guess where I am in the photo?

Photo credits to my friend, Jolo Mercado and his cool camera. :)

I got my hair colored at Azta Urban Salon at SM San Lazaro using davines blue black hair color. At first, my hair was super black, and the blue was a deep dark blue hue in the sun; it was more like a hair glow than an actual hair highlight. It was also quite bothersome that whenever I take a bath, the bubbles still colored dark blue/blue-violet - even until today.

Peculiarly, the blue highlights were more visible under flourescent light than it was under the sun during the first week. However, as time went by the color started fading. Below are pictures of my blue black hair 2 6 days post coloring.

As you can see, the blue is more visible now and it's taken an ashen blue hue. If you'd also notice, the part where the blue can clearly be seen is also the parts of my hair that were previously bleached for the balayage blonde.

Indoors, it's still strikingly black.

Now, my hair is somewhat back to my natural hair color. I read in other blogs that blue black hair color doesn't last as long. Although one did say that her friend got it done at a salon and it still shone blue under the sun. Mine however, has a washed out violet hue under LED and flourescent bulbs. I'm not really sure if I did something wrong because I used shampoos that were for colored hair like what the stylist told me to do but I just couldn't keep the deep black color and the deep dark blue highlights. And my shampoo bubbles and bath water still had hints of blue-violet. I guess Jeannie Mai used a different technique of coloring her hair. I hope that my hair stays deep black even if the blue eventually fades out since black has undoubtedly given me the feeling that my skin is fairer and others say I look better with it.

So what do you think? Have you ever tried going blue black before?


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