Friday, February 07, 2014

ARTDECO Glam Stars Liquid Eye Liner

Hello loves!

Swatch post time again! :P

Sharing with you this awesome deal I got at Beauty Bar last December. Bought this little thing for only Php 150.00.

ARTDECO Glam Stars Liquid Eye Liner

I bought it just because I find the color pretty. I don't have glitter liners in this color so it's a nice addition to my collection.

The applicator is thin brush so it's easy to manipulate the lines you will create with it.

And here's a swatch

The glitters are fine and it looks really gorgeous. I like using it below my lower lash line. But this liner doesn't stay long. I only see few glitters left by the end of the day. :|

Anyway, still glad I bought this. I like doing the "teardrop" liner effect using this when I have a neutral eyeshadow look going. 

That's all! Have a great weekend, everyone! :D



  1. Ahhh...such a pretty taupey shimmery shade! I've never seen a glitter liner in this kind of wearable shade before!

  2. Sharlynn - It is super wearable! I'm so happy I saw this. They only have a handful left in that branch and so lucky that it was on sale.