Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Drink Discovery: Frizzantea

Hey everyone!

Liz and I discovered something very yummy last Thursday when we attended Canmake's Spring/Summer Collection Launch. Before we left the event, we got a small package containing a plastic cup. We were puzzled when we got this because there was no mention of a drink sponsor in the event.

Since we were going to walk around the Ayala malls, we decided to drink it immediately to avoid the chances of it spilling inside the paper bag. Our first sip was surprising. We didn't know what this juice was. We guessed that it's something fruity (because of the packaging which didn't have labels)... like a fruit flavored milkshake. Our guess was close but still not correct. It was smooth, fruity, and refreshing. I think I had a blueberry one while Liz got lychee. Those are just guesses though.

 We were intrigued on what it is about so as I was looking around the package, I saw a little note and it contained the following product descriptions:

Who is Frizzantea Inc.?

"Frizzantea Incorporated (FINC), is the business behind the Bubble Tea Kiosks, Frizzantea.

Our products include a variety of Bubble Tea concuctions with the Popping Bobas (bubble bursting) fruit based; they are not the regular chewy Tapiocas. The Popping Boba series, being creative and joyful yet healthy and tasty, has changed the perspective of the Bubble Teas in Town."

"FINC. was registered in the Philippines on July 2013.

The company was created thry a casual business meeting with the President of KK Food Trading; they are the biggest logistics consolidator and distribution company in Germany.

The idea of testing the Philippine market with the Bursting Popping Bobas was presented by the conglomerate and then shipped all the Frizzantea components all the way from Germany to the Philippines."

Who is behind FINC?

"The founder and President of the company, Nhorrie F. Wang who is married to a Taiwanese was very much excited with this business venture since the concept is very familiar to her particularly being originated from Taiwan but has evolved successfully in the whole world.

Frizzantea business partners are the four (4) Joseph brothers who own the biggest wines and spirits distribution in the Philippines—Philippine Wine Merchants."

What is Frizzantea?

"Frizzantea means cold and frozen bubble tea sparkling with Popping Bobas. The bubbles are coming from our freshly brewed teas. The name was originated from the "Frizzante Wine" which means sparkling.

The Bursting Popping Boba is a frurity juice ball that is created with real fruit juice inside while coated with a clear gummy like skin outside. Eating it is synonymous to enjoying juice filled caviar. It is Frizzantea's signature toppings in all the drinks.

Frizzantea Inc. boasts its well-blended and carefully prepared concoctions that will be loved by the Philippine market across ages.

FINC guarantees the consumers a wonderful Frizzantea experience!"

It's tea! It's a bubble tea!!! I would never have guessed that. I've never drank one that doesn't have the usual tapiocas, jelly, or pudding. It really gave us a new experience when it comes to drinking tea—and it's a delicious experience at that!

I tried googling about Frizzantea but got no luck. I wanted to try other flavors so if you know their other locations, please comment them below. :)



  1. tried something like this na from another brand and it's really good and fun to pop the bubbles! kaya lang im skipping sweet drinks for now to reach my abs goal :))))

  2. Go, go, go, Angel! Aim for those abs! What brand yung na-try mo? :)

  3. I want to try the popping boba. Eeeee!

    1. Weird sya. It's a ball na pag pinop mo, magbuburst with fruity juice flavor. A different experience when drinking bubble teas.

  4. You can find frizzantea inside robinsons supermarket soledad 2 nuvali sta rosa laguna.

  5. Frizzantea: Your Latest Bubble Tea Craze from Germany.. We are available at Robinsons Supermarket Solenad 2 Nuvali, Rustans Supermarket Shangri-La, Main Branch located at Aurora Boulevard, Pasay City.

    Have A Wonderful Frizzantea Experience!