Monday, May 09, 2016

Review: Daiso Make-Up Brush Cleaner + Giveaway

Good evening ladies!

As many of you already know, Dawn and I are fans of Daiso products for our everyday tools and what not. So as I was shopping to restock my usual Daiso items (among other things) this caught my eye...

I have to admit that it has been a long time since I washed my make-up brushes and it's only now that I got to washing them again, and mainly because I wanted to try this brush cleaner.

Here's the product information at the back. It has an English instructions but for you who cannot read it well, here's what it says:

  • Remove dirt from the make-up brush and puff to keep the cleanser clean. Wash the brush and puff on a regular basis in order to use it longer. No damage user's skin. Easy to clean.
For the How to wash brushes instructions I will incorporate the pictures I took while following said instructions and input my comments at the end. :)


  • Put the cleaner into the container (I assumed any basin would do), and dip the brush thoroughly.

  • Wash it like drawing a circle with running water.
  • Dry it with a towel and then arrange ends of the wool. Lastly, dry again naturally.
Obviously I did not follow the second instruction as I used their egg sponge which made everything really easy.

I find that this product is very water-conserving. I know the instructions says dip thoroughly, but I actually just dipped the tip of a dry brush and scrubbed it straight into the egg sponge. To my amazement, even that small amount was able to create a lot of lather and easily cleaned my brushes clean. In retrospect it must have been a wiser decision to take a picture of my white haired brushes so you can see how it really cleans it well.

However, I did find that this product works well with brushes you use for powders, blushes and compacts but not so much for liquids and creams. I used this for my Laneige BB cream puff and it did little to remove all the BB cream stains and unused product in the puff. 

For lipstick brushes, it lathers up less than it does for the other products (see above picture) but it removes most of the creamy and sticky residues on the brush (see picture below).

It does not remove the color stains as well as it does for powder, blush, and compact brushes but it does the job well.

It rinses off quick too. I am used to using hair shampoo for cleaning my make-up brushes and I find that this wastes too much water, it doesn't lather up as quick and it takes so much to rinse off. I also tried the joy + oil combination for cleaning brushes and although that really does a deep cleaning of the brushes, it also wastes a lot of water during rinse off.

After drying the brushes, both synthetic and real hair brush feel smooth and clean. So it can be used for any type of brushes.

How much? It's a Daiso product so it costs around Php 88 for a 150 mL bottle. If you don't have a lot of brushes to clean, I think it can last you for at least 2-3 months depending on how often you wash them. If you have a lot of brushes, it can probably last 1 month. It's small size is a big let down, and also the variability of it's availability per branch makes it hard to find. I found this at Robinsons Ermita branch and I hope they stock up on it in other branches as well.

So finally, after a long time, I have gathered a small treat for you guys. This is a long overdue birthday giveaway but since it's way past my birthday, I'm just going to label this as a summer/flores de mayo giveaway.

Included in this give away are:

Cream Silk Standout Straight leave-on cream
Vitress Hair Solutions hair cuticle coat
Daiso Make-up Brush Cleaner
BYS Kohl Eyelining Pencil in 103 Sky Blue and Silver Glitter
1 Skin Food Food Therapy Dual Effect Snail Mask Sheet
And other Daiso products: Mesh Travel pouch, brow liner, and 3 hair accessories.

Like always, please follow all instructions indicated in the link below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will run for 1 month starting today unti June 10, 2016.

Well, have fun sharing and hope you like this giveaway!



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