Thursday, February 06, 2014

Review : Heynature Hey-Pop Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Hello dears!

2 months ago, I used the 1k GC I won from a giveaway from Glamourbox. I got some very interesting Korean makeup that are available in the Glamourbox Website. One of the products I availed is...

Heynature Hey-Pop Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
This is Php 350.00.

I wasn't familiar with the brand and was curious to try something new that's why I got this one. Of course I made a few research on this. Here's a product description I got from Glamourbox:

Give shape & definition to your peepers with these waterproof eye liners! Its gel formula gives a softer appearance than liquid eyeliners and glides on more easily. Create a bold, dramatic look with a thick line, or a more natural look with a finer stroke!

And here's some info from Heynature's website:

Hey-Pop Waterproof Gel Eye liner give shape and definition to your eyes. Gel eyeliners are popular because they are softer in appearance than liquid eyeliners, glide on easily, and have lasting power. Create a bold, dramatic look with a thick line and multiple layers, or a more natural look with a finer stroke.
No.1 Black
No.2 Brown
Main Ingredient: Ceresin, Polyisobutene,Methicone,Rosa Canina Seed Extract

Below are the labels on the pencil:

If you look at the packaging, it looks like the usual eyeliner pencil...

But up close, it's not a pencil that you need to sharpen... it's actually a twist-up eyeliner. Yay that I don't have to exert effort to sharpen it. :P Lazy me approves!

I like that it's a gel liner but in a pencil form and not in the usual gel liner pot. It's easier to carry around and apply. You don't need to bring or use an eyeliner brush!

Here's how long the product is.

And for the fun part, the swatches!

Here it is on my arm. Top one is swatched multiple times, the bottom line is swatched ones.
It gives a very bold, black finish. It's definitely something I like for my eyeliners. And this glides smoothly on the skin! And oh, you need to wait for a few seconds to a whole minute for it to dry after application.

So let's see how long-lasting this thing is...

rubbed several times

Very minimal fading but no smudge! Very impressive, right?

Placed under running water

Still no smudging!!! I was already amazed at this point.

Rubbed while wet

A little more fading but still no smudge. Now I'm really, really, SUPER impressed!

Rubbed with a towel while wet

Barely any smudging but it did fade a lot by now. Still, wow!

But on my oily lids, I get very minimal smudging but I barely use this on the upper lid. I usually use this on the waterline and lower lid. Still, this is probably one of the few eyeliners  I've tried that have powerful staying power. I'm very, very impressed with how durable this is when worn. You can remove it with soap and water but it'll be easier to remove with makeup remover, especially the oil type ones. 

What I LIKE:

- Impressive staying power
- Very bold black color
- Glides smoothly on skin
- Affordable
- No need to sharpen
- Locally available
- Waterproof
- Available in 2 shades


- Too few places on where to get this. I don't even know if they have a physical store in the Philippines

So are you as impressed as me with this product? My sister, Trace is. She even took this back to Australia with her. Huhuhu... Now I'm forced to buy another one. Haha!



  1. Hey this is cool! I never knew that gel liner now came in pencil form :o I've seen a few, but I thought they were "fake"!

  2. That is crazy amazing staying power! I need something like that for my waterline!

  3. Tellie - So glad that brands are starting to make some. I love how bold and long-lasting they are. But I still prefer to line my upper lids with a liner brush than a pencil. I use this for my waterline and under my lower lashes only. :P

    Sharlynn - Amazing indeed! You should try it! :D