Saturday, March 23, 2013

GrantonWorld x Peachy Pink Sisters' Victoria Jackson Giveaway!

Hiya guys!

Most of you might know that I am no stranger to online shopping.
It’s just an easier way especially if you have a busy schedule and don’t have much extra time to visit the mall.

One of the shops worth visiting is GrantonWorld. It's an online shopping site where you can get great deals at from techy products to fashion and beauty items and services. Everyday, you get new deals that you can enjoy. That's right! There's a new offer everyday - it's a daily deal site! And those deals aren't just any small kind of discount, we're talking about 50% off and even more!

One of their exclusive products they offer is Victoria Jackson Makeups and I'm excited to share that GrantonWorld will be collaborating with us on a giveaway that I'm sure all of you will absolutely LOVE!


So what will be the prizes for this giveaway??
Then feast your eyes on this!!

It's the Victoria Jackson Survival Kit.

 •5 Matte eye shadows
•5 Shimmer Eye Shadows
•5 lip colors
•2 powder blushes
•Eye Pencils
•Lip pencils
•3 applicators
•Pencil sharpener with a shavings compartment

That's a LOT! And all of these inside one little box!

How did all that fit in there? 

 So anyway, you can get the chance to win this kit just by doing some simple steps!

Here's how you can join:

* Sign up to GrantonWorld Website. Click HERE.

Tweet about the giveaway containing this, "Win a Victoria Jackson Survival Kit by Joining @GrantonWorldPH and @DawnLlanera 's Giveaway"

That's it! Easy right?
Make sure you complete all the requirements so your entry would be counted. :)

This giveaway will run for a month, til the last second of April 23rd, so make sure to enter as soon as possible! And this is open to Philippine Residents only. :)

We would like to thank GrantonWorld for entrusting us to host this amazing event.

Do check out the deals offered in GrantonWorld, you might find a great deal you'd surely like! For regular updates, like and follow their Facebook Page and Twitter!



  1. Hi sis! I just joined your giveaway! Hoping to win. :)
    God bless!

  2. I joined! How are you moderating the entries though? :o

  3. For all those wondering how I moderate the entries, it's actually via the sign-up link I gave you. That's a unique link from GrantonWorld which collects all the entries. They then will send me the names of the participants once the giveaway ends.

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  5. joined.. thanks for the chance,, :)

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  7. I joined! l0vely giveaway sis...

  8. I just joined..lovely giveaway sis..

  9. Wow! I just chanced upon this blog as I recently got hooked on beauty blogs...I'm hoping to win this giveaway to mark my follower debut! :)

  10. just wow! how I wish I win this. >.<

  11. I'm joining in your cool giveaway

  12. I Joined in your giveaway,

    Cecille Capatan

    Thanks so much!

  13. I joined! :)

  14. Wow! nice giveaway! Hope I could win this survival kit ♥

    God bless you!

  15. this is the first time I get to know about this brand... I want to try it soon :) I hope I can win :)

  16. I joined! :) Hope to win! *crossing fingers with eyes closed* lol

    Cj of

  17. joined:D

    valerie embate
    twitter: @ValerieEmbate