Sunday, May 19, 2013

Haul : Hayan Korea and More Other Stuff

Hey guys!

Just did some quick shopping after watching The Great Gatsby. :P

We went to SM San Lazaro because it's the closest to our houses. While walking around the mall, we stumbled upon the kiosk of Hayan Korea Cosmetics. It's the first time I've seen the brand. I haven't heard of it before and that is why I got interested in checking out each item in their kiosk.  I ended up purchasing 3 of their products:

They were on sale... sort of like an introductory price. Around 40-50% off. Though the friendly SA's said that they've been around since last November if I remember right.

So here are the items I bought:

Hayan Snail Reviving Ampule Serum

Hayan Real Cover & Clear Concealer

Hayan Natural Beauty Auto Eyebrow in Dark Brown

I planned to buy more but I don't have much cash with me. :P

If you want to check their stuff personally, here's a list of their branches:

I also bought other stuff!!!
The Body Shop White Gardenia Body Mist

L.A. Colors Loose Powder in Light

An Umbrella which print is a painting of Degas. 
Still looking for the one witha Starry Night by Van Gogh print. :P

Well, that's all for today.
What do you think of the items I bought?
Have you tried Hayan Korea Cosmetics yet?



  1. Looking forward for a review on the concealer and loose powder. So many makeup brands popping out, i love it. I also Love the design on the umbrella, would buy the same if only it's portable.

  2. I finished my Hayan Snail Reviving Ampule Serum last last month. I did not repurchase cos I did not see any change/s. Then last last week, I bought their Crystal Oatmeal Peeling Gel, I think it's working naman. Haha!

    How about you, what can you say about the products you've purchased? :P

  3. insideacatsmind - Will post reviews soon!

    Anjela - Haven't used them yet since I'm finishing other products for now. But really excited to try them soon!