Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Event : The Body Shop Introduces Their New Beautifying Oils

 Hi beautiful readers!

Yesterday, The Body Shop Philippines held an event at their branch in Glorietta 3 store wherein they introduced their newest products!

 Loving their slogan, "Beauty with Heart."
That's what The Body Shop is all about! Cruelty-free products that make you beautiful inside and out! :)

 Upon reaching the event's place, I saw this...
 The store having a sale on selected items!
And some unfamiliar products too! This gave me an idea of what the event is about...

 And what's this? A different look on the packaging of the Body Butters?

Anyway, after I registered, they took me to this little booth wherein it says,
"Free Hand Massage."
 They will be using the newest product of TBS in the market,
The beautifying oils.

 Gem was the one who gave me a hand massage.
She's really nice and talked to me about the new beautifying oils.

Here are the stars of the event.
 These beautifying oils can be used on the body, hair and even on the face! They smell soooo good! I'll post more details and my thoughts regarding these babies in a separate post so please do wait for it! :)

Here are the scents available:
TBS Beautifying Oils in Shea, Strawberry, Moringa, Satsuma. Chocomania, and Olive
 These two, Olive and Moringa, are my favorite among the scents!

 Btw, there were also free makeovers! I wasn't able to get one since I was busy chitchatting with people and taking pictures. The ones who got their makeovers looked so fresh and stunning!

Displayed on the store with a "Coming Soon" signs were these Body Mist bottles!
 These will be released this June.
TBS was generous enough to let us be the first few to try them out! I got my favorite among the bunch, Vanilla! Yay! I'm gonna get Moringa next! ♥

 Another set of products coming soon are:
 The Lily Cole Makeup Line
Which will also be out this month!
These pretty little things are picked by TBS' New Global Ambassador, Lily Cole, herself!

The line includes:

 Lily Cole - Shimmer Cubes
  Lily Cole - Lip & Cheek Dome in Crazy for Coral

 Lily Cole - Pearl Radiance Primer
Lily Cole - Liquid Eyeliner

 Lily Cole - Puff On Radiance
 Lily Cole - Lip & Cheek Dome in Pinch me Pink

I wasn't able to test them but there will be a separate event for this one! Can't wait to try them out! Especially the shimmer and primer! :)

Also inside the store is this little area for snacks and refreshments!

Yummy cupcakes! We were told that these traveled from Bulacan!
All the trouble of driving to pick these up are so worth it! These cupcakes are just delish!

 And some cold drinks were served. I was able to drink 2 bottles! Was very thirsty because of the hot weather that day.

Of course I have to visit my favorite area of every The Body Shop store...
No, it's not the makeup area...

 It's their Fragrances! I'm just a fan! Their Libertine White Musk and Dreams Unlimited are ♥♥♥!

 And there are also these cute gift sets of TBS products you can buy for friends, family or your special someone!

 And look what I found:
 A set of body butters with the old design. Looking at these, I find the new ones looking more simple and youthful!

 Besides the free hand massage and makeovers, there was also a small power point presentation prepared.

Kat gave us a very entertaining introduction of the topic
 while Jo-I presented the slides.
I really liked the presentation and how The Body Shop makes us 
look good, feel good and do good!

 What I love most about the presentation was reading The Body Shop's Manifesto.

"We believe true beauty comes from the heart. 
For us, beauty is more than just a pretty face. 
It's about feeling good and doing good too.
We make our products with love and care.
We source some of our finest raw ingredients
from the four corners of the globe.
We harness the skills of artisan farmers and
add our expertise to create effective products
that are wonderful to use.
We trade fairly so communities benefit as well as you.
We never test on animals, and all our products
are 100% vegetarian, We campaign with passion on issues
close to our heart, because activism is in our blood.
We always keep the people, animals and the planet in mind.
So when you shop with us, you are choosing...

Isn't that just beautiful? That's everything The Body Shop stands for and which makes it such a special brand for me.

And of course, the event won't be complete without pictures with people!!

 with Helen and Shen
I was with Helen during most of the event! Nice to finally meet you!

 with Danica!
I've met her in previous TBS events. She gave us detailed information on the new products!

 Kat and Danica at the left pic and me with Angel at the right

 and a fab group pic with these pretty ladies
From left to right: Kat, Danica, me, Shen, Helen, and Jo-I

And before leaving, they handed us some goodie bags which consisted of their products.
 a bottle of their new Body Mist (I got vanilla! Yay!)
A big tub of the Chocomania Body Butter
and a Chocomania Beautifying Oil

 I bet my sister, Trace, would love Chocomania!

On the drive back home, I was so excited to try them out!
Alas, I slept smelling sweet and feeling good! ♥

The event was fun and made me excited for the other products from The Body Shop that are soon to come, especially the Lily Cole makeup line!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post.
Which of the products are you interested to try? Are you excited as well with the new items The Body Shop has in store for us?



  1. you went here pala. Sayang d ako pwede (kami ni kai) kaya d ako nakapunta. I'm glad you were able to come :)

  2. Awww sayang was not able to make it, beautifying oil looks promising! :)

  3. Jen and earth, sayang we weren't able to meet at the event!

  4. Super nice meeting you Dawn! :) I love the new products, but I'm most excited for the Lily Cole makeup.

  5. Helen! Forever TBS blogger event friend! Haha! ♥