Saturday, April 13, 2013

Strip It! Hair Removal Chocolate Sugaring

Hey guys!

The heat is so on this summer. Everyone's going swimming to somehow lessen the super hot weather.
Since swimming means showing a few extra skin, we want to be as flawless as possible. One of the things I do is wax and the product I've been using for almost a year now is the Hair Removal Sugaring from Strip It!

But a few days ago, I bought something else.
Not from a different brand! Just a different flavor or scent...

Strip It! Hair Removal Chocolate Sugaring

This flavor has been out for a while but I haven't tried it before since I bought a big tub of the original one before and took a while for me to finish it off. :P

The way on how to use it is still the same. Just visit my review on the original one for more info.

The only difference I found is the smell. This has a chocolatey scent to it. Something the chocolate lovers would love!

This is still as effective as ever. Just check the pictures below:

Back of my hand

Applied the Chocolate Sugaring Wax then placed the cloth...
Don't rub it too much! Just 2 seconds would be fine. :P

Then pull the cloth off!

The wax took out the hairs with less pain as when you use cold strips!

Anyway, I super love Strip It! And this one is a love of mine too. I like the original one and this one equally so I guess I'll take turns buying these.

So anyway, do you use Strip It! Hair Removal Sugaring?
Have you tried the chocolate variant yet?



  1. yes, i have tried's harder to spread which only means, it holds and pulls the hair better! :) i love strip it!

  2. scary! LOL
    I'll stick with hbc hair remover cream, that I'm sure is painless...hehe
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  3. Haven't tried waxing at home but would love to. Have heard of good reviews with Strip It products but haven't tried it pa personally. Must have the courage pa to do this alone. Hehe xD

  4. Erika - Correct! :) So much love for Strip It!

    Hollie - Mukha lang scary but the feeling is so much better after waxing. Feels smoother and the hair grows much later than when you use creams and when you shave.

    Gellie - Gora lang! Or have a trusted and loyal friend to do it for you! Haha! :P