Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review : Krave Anti-Zit Splash

Hello dears!

Now that I am almost at my mid 20's, I have to take care of my skin better than before. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize are the three things I make sure I do daily and that the products I use are safe and effective.

A couple of months ago, I was given the opportunity to try some of Krave Cosmeceuticals' products and one of the items I chose to try is the...

Krave Anti-Zit Splash
with Melaleuca oil & Salix Nigra

This 50ml bottle is Php 395.00.

I have it in their newer packaging. I think this looks more chic compared to the older one. It could look too plain though but I don't mind it like that since it somehow looks clean which I like with my skin care products.

The bottle isn't pretty though. The fonts are hard to read if the lighting in the room isn't bright enough. It is durable but doesn't look like it. I like the cap because it really does seal it and I didn't encounter any spills even if I brought the bottle along when I go out of town.

Here are some details at the box:

As recommended, I use this twice a day - during mornings and before I sleep at night. It has a mild scent and a mild cooling effect. No sting at all unlike those toners with alcohol. It effectively cleanses my face as well clearing all the dirt that my cleanser hasn't gotten rid of yet. This is very mild to the skin so I didn't experience any skin irritations either.

It didn't refine my large pores though and I still get my usual pimples. I tried concentrating the product to my zits to dry them faster but it barely does anything. I had to use other products to do the job. I was disappointed that it didn't do much on my problems on zits and pores which are the entire reasons why I took this toner. I would have just bought my previous toner who did the same exact thing which is Celeteque and it is much more affordable. Oh well. 


* Cleans face effectively
* No sting but has a refreshing cooling effect
* Mildly scented
* Locally available (but only sold online for now)
* No skin irritations

What I don't LIKE: 

* Packaging
* Didn't refine my large pores
* Didn't do much on my pimples - I still get zits here and there and it doesn't dry the pimples either. (I probably need a stronger formula)

That's all for this review!
Have you tried Krave Anti-Zit Splash yet?
What toner are you currently using?



  1. I've been hearing a lot lately about Krave... I should check this brand out! :)

  2. I was actually considering buying this, but I think not anymore! Sad to hear it didn't work for you :(

  3. Meikah - They offer lots of products. You might find one that you might be interested to try out! Happy browsing!

    Ari - Yeah... currently using a different one now. Something that I'm currently loving! Will post areview on it soon! <3