Friday, April 19, 2013

Virginia Olsen 2013 Eyeshadow Launch

 Hello Loves!

Today, I attended the product launch of Virginia Olsen.
If you're not familiar with Virginia Olsen, here's a short description of the brand:

"Virginia Olsen is 100% natural, paraben free, bismuth & talc free, and pure mineral make-up suitable for women of any age, ethnicity or skin type. Our formulations are calming to the skin, making them ideal for women prone to sensitivities; and being fragrance-free, they are particularly compatible with delicate skin, giving a sheer, natural, flawless coverage. Further, our makeup unlocks the therapeutic properties of zinc oxide and the natural sunscreen provided by titanium dioxide.

Our extensive and affordable product-line includes foundations, blushers, eyeshadows, eyeliners, primers, finishing veils, concealers, HD makeup base, makeup brushes and Sophia Eyelash Enhancer. Virginia Olsen's eco-friendly and sustainable cosmetics are of the highest quality, celebrated by make-up artists, stylists, celebrities, dancers and models. "

"Virginia Olsen's pure mineral cosmetics are weightless, long wearing, water resistant and provides naturally high UVA and UVB protection. In this regard, Virginia Olsen is also recommended by dermatologists and cosmetologists for use on sensitive skin, and is safe to use after surgery, micro dermabrasion, laser and other beauty treatments" 

So anyway, what are these products that they are introducing??

Virginia Olsen is known to offer eye-catching, vibrant and fun mineral eyeshadows. This year, we’re adding ten more to our wide array of colors! Affordable for only Php 150 each, you can mix and match your eye makeup looks with six of our new matte-nificent shades (Puppy Love, Pumpkin, Forest, Spring, Prom Night, and Ibiza) and four of our sexy shimmers (Midnight Glam,
Lilac Lust, Sparkling Jade, and Sphinx). Available in the Philippines this May/June 2013.

Eyeshadows!! My favorite makeup! Yayyy!!

Hazel, their Marketing Assistant, prepared a detailed presentation of these new shades and we got the opportunity to try all 10 of them! We were swatching the shades on our arms non-stop! 

Besides the new products, we even get to play with their very soft brushes, foundies, concealers, blushes and their other eyeshadow shades!

So below are some pictures I took of the 10 shades:

They have 6 mattes and 4 shimmery ones. 
They had requests of adding more matte shades and here they are!

They have a lot of green shades since this year's color is Emerald!


From left to right
Sphinx, Sparkling Jade, Spring, Midnight Glam and Forest

And here are the other 5 shades:  

From left to right:
Prom Night, Lilac Lust, Ibiza, Pumpkin, and Puppy Love

Aren't they just lovely?
They are very pigmented too! All the swatches in the pictures I got from just one swipe! Imagine if I had a primer underneath!

 They also prepared a list of eyeshadows that they'd recommend for the summer! Summer colors that are indeed matte-nificent! :D

 Here I am posing with the marketing team of VO and fellow bloggers from the 2nd batch of the launch.
From left to right: Mich, Jen, Sabs, Mhisha, Hazel, Jirbie, Bing, Gem and moi! (Donna was there too but had to leave early! Aww.. no pic with you! )

 And I got to take home these amazing stuff!!!!
Thank you so much!
Reviews coming soon! I'm also planning to do EOTD's and maybe tutorials! :)

And I even bought more stuff!

They are at 10% off too!
 Excited to share with you the swatches! These are really nice, I swear!
I bought them even if I didn't plan on buying anything that day.

And oh! V.O. has on-going promo you might be interested in...

And something you might want to join: 
 So if you want to know more about V.O., check out their:

That's all for today!
Stay tuned for my reviews!
And do check out the new eyeshadows once they are released on May/June 2013!



  1. waaa gorgeous colors!!! I'm definitely be buying.. My picks are midnight glam, ibiza, sparkling jade and prom night...

  2. nice meeting you there! :) I'm so shy kasi kaya i didn't have the chance to chat with you hehe. :)

  3. wow so affordable and pigmented! tbh I'm a bit of a brand snob pero this one looks really good! <3

  4. Anne - They really are gorgeous!

    Mhisha - Nice to meet you as well! Hope to see you next time!

    Angel - I haven't used VO eyeshadows before but I was quite surprised on how pigmented they are! :D