Saturday, April 06, 2013

My March Salad Box

Hey guys!

How's your Saturday going?

Today I received my Salad Box for the month of March.

And I think this is probably one of the best boxes from Salad Box that I have received since I think I am willing to try all the items included. I shall be sharing with you the contents of this box in this blogpost.

The usual letter is still here and it's all about how to feel cool using the products in the box during the scorching heat summer brings!

Below are the items included and the price of them in full size...

And here are the pictures of the items. Please refer to the list above for the names of the products. I placed them according to how they are listed on the letter.

I am loving the products! Some I've tried before like the BB Cream and some I am so curious to try ASAP (Avon Lotion and Innisfree Mask)! 

I'm quite relieved that there are no Carmex Lipbalm this month (LOL I have 4 in stock! Yikes!) and that they don't have the useless vouchers (I don't think I've used any of those I got). :P

That's all for today! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, loves! :)




  1. This is a great box! I love that Jordana shade. Hopefully this is a sign of things going better for Salad box.

  2. This is true. Hopefully this continues! :D

  3. Really, as in laging may Carmex before? Haha!

  4. Czjai - 3 Carmex from them! 1 from Glamourbox. Haha! :P

  5. Hello! My name is Wendy and I am Portuguese :) I also have a blog and would like to follow me: if you want then head back, just tell, because I do so always :)
    Thank you! Kisses! (I am extremely grateful if you follow)

  6. The acne cleansing tomato soap looks really interesting and the Jordana nail polish shade looks nice ah :)

  7. I wonder how they thought of the name 'Salad Box' That's definitely something I wouldn't have thought of! Probably since there are only a few monthly beauty boxes available to Australia. Oh yes, the Skin79 Pink BB cream is one of my favourite BB creams to date. It's great ^^


  8. Hazel - it is!

    Wendy - Followed you!

    Gellie - Yes and yes! Using them now and will post about them soon! :D

    curly - yes! :)

    Sandy - Can't wait to use the BB Cream then! :D