Monday, April 15, 2013

NOTD : Jordana Nail Polish in Boy Oh Boy

Hi dears!

My March Salad Box gave me the perfect polish for the summer!
Just take a look at this shade!

Jordana Nail Polish in Boy Oh Boy

This is my first polish from the brand and I'm really happy that I got a full size of this from Saladbox. 
I really like the shade since it reminds me of the beach with nice, clean and calm waters.

It only took me 2 coats to get this solid, bold color. The polish is so easy to use because of the fine consistency and easy-to-manipulate brush.

And I just love that a polish is 15ml per bottle. I'll be using this a lot for sure~!
Though it could be a little pricey for Php 350.00 each.

So what do you think of this shade?
Have you tried any Jordana Nail Polishes yet? What shade is your favorite?
Do share!



  1. This color looks perfect for a nail art. I am envisioning white stripes across such a nice shade of blue. For nail polishes here Php350 does seem a bit steep.

  2. ang ganda ng shade! Perfect for the season!

  3. The shade looks really nice but the price is not so. Hehe. xD

  4. 350 pesos for a Jordana Nail Polish? I order mine from Cherry Culture for $1.99 each.

  5. I really love the shade! I have a very similar one from The Face shop, I love the glossy finish!!