Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review : 4U2 Glitz Shimmer Mascara in Brown

Hello beauties!

Here's a quick review on one of the multi-functioning products I use right now...

4U2 Glitz Shimmer Mascara in Brown

This is around Php 224.00 each.

Here are some info from the packaging...

I bought this because I was looking for a good brow mascara for me to match my hair which sort of has this bronzy tone to it back then.
Why did I get this mascara instead of their brow mascara? Well, I tested it and it's actually effective! Besides that, they didn't have stock of the brow mascara from the brand. Haha! :P

So here's the applicator.
The shape makes application easy. The curve helps to apply the product in most areas of my lashes in a swipe and the thin tip helps reach the smaller lashes.

A swatch on paper...

and a swatch on my arm.

Here are shots of my lashes...

Bare lashes

with the product

As you can see, it definitely gave volume and somehow lengthened my lashes. Though not too obvious in the pictures, it gave a nice brown sheen to my lashes but not too much. 

As a mascara, this doesn't smudge on me and lasts long. The formula isn't heavy too and is much easier to remove than some of the waterproof mascaras I've used before.

I still prefer using black mascaras for my lashes. I believe this is more suited for people with lighter colored hair that wants a more natural finish on their lashes.

So anyway, here's where I often use this product - on my brows.
I have thicker brow hair that I have to color to match my hair and this product helps a lot in achieving that.

What I do is...

I line my brows with my brow liner to fill in the empty spaces and shape them nicely.

Then color the brow hair with this mascara.

And that's all! My brows aren't as dark anymore!
What's great about this is that it doesn't smudge as well even if I sweat or when my skin gets too darn oily provided that you don't rub it off.

I like that this is also affordable and locally available (mostly at Watsons and online shops).

My only downside on this product is that it can get messy at the tip of the tube because the product piles up there when you take the brush out. So try to wipe that area after using.

So have you tried 4U2 Glitz Shimmer Mascara in Brown yet?
What do you think about it?



  1. This looks good! if only they have it in light shades din so that I have a replacement for my heavy rotation brow mascara when it runs out! they don't sell that here kasi :(

  2. I haven't tried 4u2 brand but I've tried Etude's brow mascara and I am loving it ^_~

  3. Will definitely give this product a try. I just use a pencil lang for my brows :)

  4. thanks for sharing dawn. I'm looking din for a brow mascara na cheaper than Korean brands kasi kung hindi naman bagay sa eyebrows ko keri lang. I'll try this product din :)