Sunday, April 07, 2013

Review : San San Kohl Eyeliners + A Tutorial

Hello Loves!

A few weeks ago, I got some gifts from HBC and for today's post, I shall share with you my review and a tutorial on how to do smokey eyes using this product...

San San Kohl Eyeliners

I have them in 2 shades - Black and Brown.
A pencil is around Php105.00.

So what makes Kohl eyeliners different from the usual liner pencils?
Well, Kohl liners are smoother which makes it easier to smudge. 
Kohl already existed as early as 3100 BC (Thanks wikipedia!) and has been used as eyeliners and mascaras. But in today's times, it is believed that Kohl (because of the lead content) can cause health problems so some countries banned the importation of the product. But do not worry... The modern Kohl liners you see today are toxic-free and that the word Kohl is just being used to describe the type of eyeliner which is soft and very bold or dark.

So lets go back to the review...

You will see the manufacturing & expiration dates and the batch number along with the shade and the info that it has Vitamins A, C & E!

Here's a closeup of Black

And here's a closeup of Brown

Swatch on Paper

And on my hand

Here's Brown applied around my eyes...

I'm not much of a fan of this shade. It's more like copperish to me. It doesn't give the natural finish on my eyes.
But the eyeliners are quite smooth though not as bold in color. You have to build the color to get this finish and that means you have to draw it back and forth.

This eyeliner isn't waterproof so it may result to smudging faster when I compare it to my usual liners. That is why I use this more in doing looks such as smokey and make it as my base for a darker effect.

So the next series of pictures will be a tutorial on how I do a smokey eyes look using my  San San Kohl Eyeliners...

This smokey eyes look is something I could wear even on daytime. It's very wearable without being too bold or fierce during the day...

First, I apply an eyeshadow primer. I used my NYX HD Eye shadow Base.

Then I use San San Kohl Eyeliner in Black and draw it around my lids. It doesn't have to be all pretty since you will blend it eventually.

Don't forget to put some under your eyes. I even applied it on my waterline.

Add black eyeshadow, preferably matte, on top of the kohl liner. I'm using my Urban Decay Eyeshadows from my UDNYC.

Use a Dark Violet shade and apply it on top of the black shadow. Apply some in a small area of the black area as well and blend it together to create a gradient effect.

To make it more gradient, a shimmery light pink shade is applied at the top of the violet shade.

Don't forget to put powder eyeshadows below the eyes. I use the dark violet shade.

Using a white shimmer shadow, apply some on your inner eye area...

and line your brow bone as well.

Then curl your lashes.

And prettify your lashes with 2 coats of mascara!

And voila!

A very easy smokey eye look!

Here are photos of my eyes:

And of course, I also have vain pictures!! Haha! :)

And if you're curious about its lasting power, here's my eyeshadow after 7 hours without retouching it...

It barely has creases but the color sort of faded. Still smokey though! :)

So that's it for my post about San San Kohl Eyeliners!
Hope you liked my tutorial! :)



  1. I love your eyes :)!
    Much love,

  2. Nice eotd. What foundation do you use?

  3. I so envy you! The way you created your eye make up is amazing!

  4. Wendy - Thanks! :)

    insideacatsmind - I used Kiehl's BB Cream in Natural here and topped it off with a L'Oreal Powder Foundation in Vanilla Ivory. :)

    jawsmayobanico - Thank you so much! :D

  5. thumbs up! your smokey eyes looks gorgeous :)

  6. whoa! Naku Dawn, next time yung eyes ko naman gawin mong smokey :) Ganda! Love it thaT kahit black yun hindi nagmukhang zombie, i saw some smokey eyes kasi parang zombie na sila. hehehe

  7. i love the tutorial. i dont know how to apply eyeshadow but posting something like this make me wanna try. thanks for the boost.


  8. I heard that this product contains lead, so is this still available? By the way, thanks for the review!

    ~Pauline @Kallony

  9. Thanks, girls!

    Pauline- Not sure about the lead thing but I believe it's still available last time I checked their store. :)