Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Cutting My Hair Just Doesn't Cut It

Hello ladies,

So last time, I chopped off quite a huge chunk of my hair and two months late, I had it trimmed...

To this...

Just couldn't sit still. Had to color it... although I think I kind of overdid it... hopefully come time I have to go back to school my facilitators, residents and whoever I'd be under won't see red... or else... hehe... :)

I seriously wanted to dye it blonde like my K-pop crush G-Dragon... but then, that might be more shocking and they might sanction me at school.

Anyway, thanks to Rich and Diane of Azta Salon in San Lazaro for my rocking hair. hehe! :)

So how's that for getting fired up for summer?



  1. Good job! And the color of your hair suits you looks very lively :)

  2. wow! you're such a bold lady! Though, I prefer the full black hair.

  3. Thanks guys. :) i'm kind of in the i wanna expriment with my hair a lot stage since I've basically done nothing to it till 2 months ago. :)

  4. The lighting, hair color, posing and makeup make you look super gorge!!