Sunday, April 28, 2013

Review : San San Gel Eyeliner

Hello ladies!

Dawn and I are eyeliner junkies... she just generally likes them, and I am just in need of them to make my eyes look less droopy and sleepy. So imagine our excitement over getting this product from San San.

And here's our review on the product.

First off, this comes in two colors, your classic black and brown liners.

Product details.
This product has Paraben.

We think San San has definitely made a very very good product with this gel eyeliners. The packaging is practical and very ergonomic.

It's small so it's very portable. Although I don't particularly think it has any sense of cuteness or appeal in terms of making it very attractive to the eyes but that's ok, it makes up for it's practicality.

Of course, like most gel liner bottles, the cap is screwed on and it comes with it's own brush, which is conveniently attached to the cap. Just pull it off when you need to use it, and push it in when you're done. :) Very practical don't you think? This way, you save space when you're travelling and you lessen the chances of losing the brush.

The accompanying brush is very easy to use and great for pinpoint work. It also gets a good amount of product and is stiff enough to allow you that control you so need when doing those tight lines. :)

Product Formulation
The consistency is quite commendable as well. It does not dry out fast. I'd say, it's not putty like, compared to other gel liners I've used, it's a bit loose-er something like that... an in between of gels and liquid liners.

As you can see, the color is very bold. You do not need go over it a few times to make it bold. Although it takes a while for it to dry up.

Applied on the lids.

Lasting Power
This is a very long lasting and durable product. Here it is applied on the forearm...
... smudged (very smudge-proofed)

... splashed with water then smudged (water-proof)

Used a hand sanitizer and smudged, still there!

Using makeup remover and smudged once.

However, it does melt a little when you get oily lids... so the lasting power depends on how oily your lids get and how fast it oils up. But it lasts for a good and decent 12 hours, more or less. :)

So that's our review on this amazing product. The price is around Php 115.00.

To summarize:

What I like:
Product consistency and formulation
Long lasting
Locally Available
Easy to use
Applicator brush included
Color is solid

What I don't like:
contains Paraben

Will I buy again?

Hope you try it as well and hope you'll share with us your experience with this product.



  1. I have this in my makeup stash but have yet to try. I'm not much of a big gel liner fan but would love to give mine a shot soon. :)

  2. I like how the brush is packaged. It makes the product more handy. And in all fairness, hindi siya mabilis mabura. I should give this a try. :)

  3. I tried this before when it first came out, but then I noticed it takes a while to dry, so I ditched it...LOL
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  4. @hollie... True. Drying time does take a while. But I think it's worth the wait. :)

  5. Thanks for the review :) I don't know that San San has gel liners and eyeliner pens. I would love to try and it is very cheap! <3