Monday, April 08, 2013

Modified Sansa Stark Hairdo

Good evening ladies,

Game of Thrones is back! And because I just LOVE the hairstyles they do in GOT I went and gave my inaanak (god-child) Sansa Stark's hairstyle during season 1 episode 1... though I did a Dutch-braid rather than a French-braid.

And here's the result

If you want to recreat this look, all you have to do is to section the middle part making sure you have the right thickness. It depends on how far you want it to go. After you've done the french braids you just wrap the two braids together. It's pretty easy once you've got the hang of braiding stuff. :)

That's it for this short post. Can't wait for the next episodes. :)


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  1. nice hair..hay sayang, hindi masyado mataas ang hair ko..