Monday, April 02, 2012

Review: San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation

Hi beautiful readers!

I received a blogger kit from HBC containing these 3 lovely bottles of their San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation.

San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation
Each bottle weighs 30ml and costs around Php130-ish.

They come in 4 shades. I only have 3 right now - 01, 03 and 04. I think the numbering is from lightest to darkest starting from 01? Just a guess but I can't conclude just yet since I am missing one shade. :P

This is the packaging (I already opened it before I took the picture that's why it looks dirty na. haha). 
The box is clear already and you can see the product inside. The bottle is also transparent which I really like when I look for liquid foundations. It's easier to spot if it's close to your color especially if they ran out of testers.

Here are the labels on the boxes of each shade containing the ingredients and other info.

And look! The foundie has vitamins A, C,& E! Gotta love HBC products! I'm not sure if it has SPF though. I didn't see any on the labels.

The product has a spatula. I like it that it does although I still prefer pumps for hygienic purposes. But having a spatula is waaay better than having none at all. I hate having to tap the bottle over and over just to get the product out.

It has a sweet scent. I don't mind my products having scents as long as they smell really good or at least tolerable. The product is very creamy too.

Anyway, the shades are very limited. Since it only has 4 shades, I don't have a perfect match yet.
Here are some swatches:
on my hand

blended on my arm

01 is very light and yellowish. 03 is probably nearest my color but still too dark. And 04 is too dark and too beigey. I've tried 04 on one of my morena friends but it's too beigey that her face looked really pink. So I don't know if it is suitable for Filipinas but I remedied it by mixing it with a yellowish foundation.

I, on the other hand, achieved my exact shade mixing 01 and 03. The ratio is 50:50. So yay me! It's a good thing that the foundation is easy to blend together. Having only 4 shades won't be a problem if you don't mind mixing them. My painting skills help here a lot! :P

A before and after shots.

Sorry if my bare face shot is quite blurred. Still, you can see how much my face is suffering from dark spots from acne. Huhuhu. I wish they would just go away! Grrr... Pretty much the reason why I NEED high coverage foundations. :P

The foundation has a medium coverage. It's buildable but not too much. I prefer heavy coverage ones because I'm lazy having to put concealer on my problem areas. It doesn't dry fast and it doesn't look too good if you have dry skin. I have oily skin though but there are areas in my face that I got peeled (Too lessen the dark spots) and wearing the foundie exposes it too much. Be sure to moisturize your face when you have dry skin before using this.

Here are shots of me wearing this foundation with the rest of my makeup.

The finish is indeed matte! I really like it! Especially because I have oily skin. It lasts long but after 4 hours or so, my dark spots start to get visible when I didn't use a concealer. Plus, my face gets really shiny too from the oiliness. 

So here's a summary:

What I like about it:

Matte Finish
Locally Available
I like the scent
Lasts long
Comes with a spatula
I like the packaging
Has Vitamins

What I don't like about it

Only available in 4 shades (Not much of a problem if you don't mind mixing them
My face gets oily easily


The product for me is just okay. I still prefer heavier coveraged foundies like MAC Studiofix. But considering it's finish and performance and it's price, this is a good buy.

So what do you think of San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation?



  1. the bottle looks cute and good thing it has that spatula thingie:))..waah so cheap too..

  2. The coverage is nice but too bad there aren't much shades to choose from. :)

  3. I want to give this a try! I have tried yung isang matte foundation ng sansan yung yellow yung tube and fail siya. hehe. sana ito hinde :P

  4. wickeRmoss - Yeah. The spatula makes it easier since I can just scoop out the product.

    Pammy - True :(

    Gellie - you mean the soleil foundation? I think they only have one shade for that. It's too light on me kasi. I've tried it and it gave OK results kaya lang after a while, my sis said it doesn't look nice na. For me this one stays better on my face after time.

  5. Thanks for this review dear. I am looking for a new foundation to use for another experiment eh. Will check this soon! :)

  6. Love the matte finish... i can'y buy this pa, i need to finish my maybelline gel foundation.

  7. Mrs Kolca - Goodluck on your foundation hunting! :)

    Sweethestia - I have to finish a lot of foundations too! It never ennndds! Haha!

  8. Looks great! Wish I could find real good matte finish liquids more easily here! I like the spatula too, more hygienic than none! :)

  9. I agree sis, nice matte finish sana pero not that long lasting. Congrats on getting a blogger kit! How does this work ba? Do they just send it to you? So awesome :)

  10. Black Mentos - agree and agree!

    Chinchin - Yes. They usually send an email or a text message. :)