Sunday, April 21, 2013

Laneige Cool Stay Powder in Light Beige

Hi guys!

Here's a perfect summer product from Laneige!

Why do I say so? Because it has a cooling effect when you apply it! Neat, right??

Laneige Cool Stay Powder in Light Beige

I have it in Light Beige but it is available in another shade - Dark Beige.
Life span is 12 months! :)

The product is Php 1,600 (Yikes! So expensive). But I got this when it was on sale some months back. I got it for half it's original price. :P

Here's the list of ingredients.

And below are more info on the product...

I'm glad that they have the instructions in english as well. Most of the Korean products I've tried usually do not include english instructions. :P

I made the mistake of taking off the whole sticker so it does get messy when you carry around the product or even if you just accidentally drop it. :P

Anyway, it is cased in this clean looking tub.
It can be sealed tightly so you're assured that it won't spill out the powder.

It also includes this super amazing puff! 
Probably one of the best in terms of quality. It's just so weird that it doesn't fit the container. That means I had to place it somewhere else. I also have difficulty getting the product from the container since the puff is too big.

So here's the product on my arm:

It's very fine and you instantly feel the cooling sensation. I was so amazed the first time I tried it.

When blended.

It has a light coverage, barely noticeable on me so I usually top it on my foundation. And oh! It helps cover pores! It has a matte finish and it really does help control oil on my face. So perfect for this summer! :)

Have you tried this Cool Stay Powder from Laneige?
Do you know a product similar to this?



  1. Wow! a cooling powder I haven't tried anything like that,this must be perfect for summer!

  2. wow! I want this :) I need a new loose powder

  3. ooh, this looks really interesting! just perfect for summer! I remember the revlon has one that gives a cooling effect as well ^_~

  4. Laneige is definitely one of the cosmetics that I would like to purchase if I had lots of money to spend on makeup alone. Lucky you bought it when it was on sale. I want this! Thanks for the review. :)

  5. Steph - It really is!

    Angel - Try it! It's fun to apply because of the cooling effect!

    Janet - Yes, Revlon has one too but I haven't tried it yet.

    Reika - True. The items are quite pricey so I'm on a lookout for their next sale! Haha!

  6. wow, sounds like a good product.
    I want to try it too :)