Monday, April 29, 2013

Prestige SunFlower Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Sunkissed

Hey everyone!

Are you looking for a nice bronzer you can use to create the perfect bronzed look for this summer? Well, let me share with you a swatch post of a product that will give you such!

Prestige SunFlower Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Sunkissed

This is Php 675.00 in Beauty Bar.
Some of you might think this is pricey but this product comes in 20g! Quite a lot so you will enjoy a plenty amount of bronzer!

The packaging is classy and I love the tangerine color. I also like that the cover is transparent so you will be able to see the shade of the product. It doesn't come with any applicator.

This bronzer comes in 2 shades. The shade here is Sunkissed while a darker version is Terra. This one I'm sharing with you is actually my sister's. She's tanner now and prefers doing a warm, bronzy makeup!

Here's a swatch on my arm:

I love that the bronze effect isn't close to the shade of a brick which I encounter in some bronzers I get. I love the gold shimmers it comes with. It gives you the beach glow that is just gorgeous! This product is so easy to blend, especially to our Filipina skin!

That's all for this quick swatch post!
What's your current bronzer?


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