Saturday, March 10, 2012

Review : Etude House Color My Brows

 Hey dearies!

How is your weekend so far?
My classes just ended. Just a few graduation practices more and it will be the end of my college life. Eeek! Soon I'll have to go job hunting! Yikes! Good luck to me!
But for now, I will be living like a bum and catch up on my sleep and TV series that I have missed because of all the school thing that's been eating up all of my precious hours. Yayyy!
And of course, I get to do more makeovers and blog posts! Doube Yayyy!

 And for today, I will be reviewing this product I bought 2 months ago from Etude House :

Etude House Color My Brows #1

I bought this because I got this tip from the Etude House Facebook page regarding taming my eyebrows. I posted a link to their wall regarding my positive review on their eyebrow pencil and here's their reply.

 Their comment really made me curious on trying the product out. EH already convinced me that they make really good brow products anyway. So while shopping at SM MOA, I dropped by EH and bought #01 for me and #02 for my sis.

Speaking of shopping, if you're looking to buy mascara use these coupons for Kmart available for beauty products.

Take note that my brows have been a real problem for me. They are a bit uneven. Quite thick hair strands and some areas need to be filled. I'll buy any advice I can get to make it look better. :P

So back to the review...
 Some information, directions, and precautionary advice:

The product is Php328.00.
 Here's the product. The packaging's color resembles the product's color so mistaking it to the other shade will be less likely to happen.
The fonts and design on the tube get scratched-off easily though.

 The applicator of the product is like of a mascara's. The size is big enough to apply the product in both brows but not too big so it's quite easy to control.

 Here's my sis' Color My Brows in #02

Left : #01 | Right : #02
 Swatches of the product on paper.

#01 looks better on darker hair like brown, dark brown, or black while
#02 is for blondes or those with lighter hair.

Application is quite easy. As stated at the picture aboooove, just comb it along the direction of hair growth.

Here are pictures of my brows

 My bare brows. It really does need to be filled.

 My brows with the product

and to make it look better, I fill in my brows first with the Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil in 01.

Brows looking better, agree?

It lasts as long as you let it on your brows. Even when I'm at school the whole day, I still see it and I never experienced any smudging.
Removing it with just wiping won't work. Thorough washing or better yet, using a makeup remover will do.

So to sum it all up:

  • Long-lasting
  • Tames my brows
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable at Php328.00
  • Available in 2 shades
  • Locally available
The design on the product container removes easily... but it isn't much of a problem.

So another great product from Etude House for me. I'm now a fan! Haha! I am sure to repurchase this when I run out.

What do you think of EH's Color My Brows? Do you know of a similar product from another brand?



  1. It does make a difference on your brows. This could be a cheaper alternative to MAC Brow Set, as some other girls stated on GT. Me likey on you! :)

  2. Thank you, Pammy! Me Likey as well! I haven't tried the MAC Brow set yet but I guess I don't have to since I'm completely contented with this one. :P

  3. Ang ganda! at ang neat nya tingnan. Feeling ko hindi ko pa 'toh kelangan for now, I dyed my hair back to brown-black. But, i'll sure remember this product.

    For now, ok na ako sa Etude House Drawing.

  4. Your brows look great. I wonder how the blonde one looks on black brows. I have blonde hair with dark brows. I tried the MAC colored brow sets and they tend to make your brows look darker >_< Clear is just okay. am using the NYX brow wax pencil and just brush my brows with a lashcomb.

  5. it works good on your eyebrow :)
    Nice review!

  6. Rae - Thanks! Let me know how it works on you if you purchase this ha! :)

    Anna - The other shade works fine with my sister's brows. I tried it before too and it really did lightened my brows. Although it got it too light so I'm sticking with #01. You should try the #02, might really work on you!

    Shasha - Thank you very much! :D

  7. hmmm... i think i might also give this a try. :)

  8. Hey girls :D
    You two do a great job with your blog, I love reading it ♥

    Your brows really look MUCH better with this pencil and the 'mascara', haha :D I love it :*

  9. Aww.. Thanks a lot, Natalie! Glad you appreciate what we write in our blog. :D

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    My first goal are 62kg or maybe 60kg and then I will buy a new jeans for me. (: Something like this. This will help, believe me. You don't have to cut off all the delicious things, you only have to reduce them at first (:

  12. this is very affordable! I must check this out! :) thanks for sharing!

  13. i have a problem when using this! prng sobrng dami product dumidikit sa bristles!so when i apply it sa brows ko ang kapal!:(

  14. Gie, aww... try scraping the product off dun sa tip of the tube to lessen the amount of product sa applicator. :P