Monday, April 22, 2013

What's Our Favorite Mocha Cupcake?

Hello everyone!

Let's take a break from all the beauty talk first and go with something most of us also love - Cupcakes! This isn't the first time that I posted something regarding cupcakes. I guess, besides cheesecakes and dulce de leches, cupcakes are probably a favorite sweet treat of mine. :P

Anyway, I would just like to share with all of you a new favorite of mine... a certain mocha cupcake that my siblings and I agreed that it probably is one of the best mocha flavored cupcakes we've tried!

Everyday Mom's Mocha Cupcake!

This was introduced to us by my brother. He usually goes out and try different food places - sort of like a foodie but not quite yet. He bought a box containing these and my sis, Trace (when she was here visiting from AU), and I completely fell in-love with them!

What made is stand-out among the rest of the cupcakes we've tried is that its sweetness isn't overwhelming. The cake was moist and the cream on top's sweetness was just right but filled with mocha goodness! We enjoyed every bite of it and we craved for more!

If you're not familiar with Everyday Mom, here's a description of what they are about from their Facebook Page:

Everyday Mom was borne out of a mother’s commitment to serve healthy and yummy goodies to her family, most especially her kids. Opened by full-time mother and home baker Pamela Ann Yu Lim in April 2012, Everyday Mom offers products made with natural ingredients and baked in non-toxic stainless steel pans. Cakes and cookies are butter-free and made with unbleached flour (as opposed to regular chemically treated bleached flour that has no real nutritional value), aluminum-free baking soda and baking powder, sea salt and natural flavors like pure vanilla extract. Instead of butter, Everyday Mom uses heart-healthy oil which is unsaturated and has anti-oxidant benefits. There are no artificial sweeteners, food colors, flavors and preservatives in all Everyday Mom’s baked treats and desserts. Everyday Mom believes that providing healthy food is truly a mother’s natural way of showing how much she cares for her family.

Everyday Mom. Healthy and Yummy. Naturally.

Who could say no to healthier but still delicious sweets??

Their store is located at Scout Tuason, Quezon City and is open from 11am-9pm. Though the place is small, you can't miss it because of the cute colors of the place (can't really see much since I took the photo at night time... boooo.).

They offer different flavored cupcakes such as the black and white cupcakes (rich choco cupcakes with cheesecake center!!) and carrot cupcakes. A cupcake is affordable at around Php 40.00. 
They also have some coffee jelly which I like as well.

On the shelves store some muscovado banana bread, chocolate banana cupcakes and walnut banana bread. A heavenly dessert place for banana lovers!
 I think they also have brownies in different flavors too!

Oh, I just have to take pictures of these cute words placed on the walls of the place.

It makes the warm, welcoming, yellow interior looking more friendly than it already is!

Among their products besides the mocha cupcake that my bro introduced to us, I've tried the black & white cupcake and coffee jelly. Yum!

On my next visit...
I bought the carrot cupcake but I still prefer the mocha cupcake. I guess we've already found our HG product from the place! :P

I wish they'll have a vanilla or a white chocolate cupcake someday. I'd love to try one since up until now, my most loved cupcake is the Vanilla Sunshine one from Cupcakes by Sonja. That place is just too far away from our place... Oh how fun it would be if Everyday Mom would start serving my favorite flavors too! 

So that's all about our little cupcake talk! Do try out Everyday Mom's mocha cupcake! I'm sure you'd love it as much as I did! :D



  1. OMG!!! I wanna try this! Crinkles lang natry ko sa kanila eh. Sarap din! :D Date tayo here!!!