Friday, April 05, 2013

James Cooper Jazzy Collection Matte Blusher in B-03

 Hi lovelies!

A blush swatch post I shall share with you for this lovely Friday evening.

It's from the local brand, James Cooper. I really think this brand has quite a number of products that you must check out! I like that our local brands are getting better and better! 

Anyway, the blush is...

 James Cooper Jazzy Collection Matte Blusher in B-03

I forgot how much this is... I will check it out when I get to visit one of their stalls.

 The packaging is simple - A round, classic black container. You can immediately see the color of the blush since the top is transparent. 

The shade is like marshmallow pink. A soft, bright pink that looks so cute, sweet and jolly! :)

 Here's a swatch on paper

and here it is on my arm

It's a bit powdery but that doesn't bother me.

Here it is on me. 
It's quite subtle. You have to swirl the blush brush quite a few times to get some color on your cheeks (unless you have really fair skin I guess). It's such a nice, pretty color that suits quite a lot of looks. I love it with my smokey eyes look as well!

Have you tried blushes from James Cooper Jazzy Collection?
What shade? :)



  1. Not a shade I'd normally pick because it reminds me of those japanese doll like looks that I don't think flatters me! It's a nice light sheen on your tan complexion though!

  2. I've never heard of that brand before.. But that's probably because it's a local brand ^^

    The colour looks gorgeous but I won't personally wear it. I tend to lean towards more natural and warm toned blushes because I'm quite cool toned and pale. ^^

    It looks great on you though ^^


  3. I love matte. I'll go try it out and pick shades for morena. thanks for letting me know!