Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Amuse Soft Lipliner in Hot Pink

Hello guys!

Just a quick swatch post for today.

I got this product 2 months ago from Salad box. I don't really use lip liners since I think my lips are well defined already but I guess it's good that you keep a nice color in your stash. You never know when you might be needing a good lip liner!

Amuse Soft Lipliner in Hot Pink

This is Php150.00 each.

My Salad Box Letter describes this product as:

"Get more defined lips using this soft and very pigmented lip liner from Amuse."

The shade I got is Hot Pink. I would prefer having a nude lip pencil since it would go with everything but a nice hot pink won't hurt. I love bold colors and Hot Pink is one of my favorite lip colors.

The liner is unscented. It is soft and glides to your skin smoothly.

Here's a swatch on my hand.

As seen on the picture above, it really is pigmented! :)

I apologize for the lazy lining of the lips. I don't really use this kind of makeup. Haha! But anyway, this would work really well as a guide and to define your lips further. Having a pretty hot pink shade of lippie, or even any other pink shade if blended well, would make all the difference with this liner on.

I could even use this as a lippie! Just look at how nice it is as a matte lipstick!
It can get a bit drying though but I love the finish of it on my lips.

So have you tried the lipliners from Amuse?
How about their other products?



  1. Oh, a nice bright pink! I like that

  2. Absolutely love the hot pink shade! I really need more lip shades in my life!

  3. Natalie - It's cute, isn't it?

    Sharlynn - I love it too! Yay for more pinks! <3