Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nature Republic Style Shot Hard Gum Wax

Hello ladies,

So since I got my hair cut the only thing I can do with my hair now is to style it. Gone are the days when gel is the only thing that help men and women keep their hair fabulously styled.

Although I could ask my brother for me to use his wax, I kind of wanted my own wax since his stiffen my hair too much and I'm not that confident with styling it like that.

What I need is a wax that has hold but does not stiffen the hair too much, leaving it looking as natural as possible. And I found that in Nature Republic's Style Shot Hard Gum Wax.

It's great for giving your short hair some volume and makes it more workable to style. It does not, however, have a stronghold, so using this to style your hair into a faux-hawk is not going to yield great results. This is good though for making that bed head hair style or style your hair into a more subdued look when you've little time to take a bath and what not. :P

They do have some other wax available some with more hold. I just preferred to get this one since I'm still starting to get used to using wax. Maybe next time I'll get something with more hold and style my hair more.

Hope you try it too.


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