Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Peachy Pink Sisters Post-Valentines Giveaway WINNERS

 Hello guys!!

Finally, after the long, long wait, we have our winners for our...

 Post-Valentines Giveaway!

So let's cut the chitchat and just announce the winners!

For the first prize to be won by the person picked randomly via rafflecopter...

The winner is...

Patricia Arielle C. Manasan

Congratulations! :)

and for the next set of prizes, this will be won by the one who gave the most heart-felt answer of them all...

The winner is...

Narissa Maquera

and her answer was...

My hubby and I supposed to celebrate Valentines day with our daughters since it was my youngest first Valentines day but it was all changed because I have to go to the hospital again and was advised to stay in bed and do nothing because I am bleeding again. I was really disappointed and wished that I just went there the day after. When my hubby and I got home my daughter handed me a card that she made in school and it was a cupid cut-out and commented 'Wow, si Cupid!' but my daughter said "No, Angel yan para hindi ka na sick mommy.'... It was my best Valentines Day ever and I couldn't ask for more.

This was just so sweet and melted our hearts!

Congratulations as well!

We'll email you and hopefully you'll get back to us within 48 hours, else we will be forced to pick new ones.

And to everyone who joined, THANK YOU so much for your continued support to our blog. We were so touched on the amount of participants that we are eager to brew some more giveaways for all of you this summer so stay tuned!!!



  1. Wow! This is my lucky month! Thanks Dawn and Liz!

  2. Congratulations to the winners! :)