Monday, March 18, 2013

Dakasi Opens Newest Branch at Dela Rosa, Makati

 Hello everyone!

I was invited last Saturday to a branch opening of Dakasi in Dela Rosa Carpark 1, Makati. 

At first, I wasn't aware of what Dakasi was. I guess I wasn't much of a Milk Tea lover than I thought. I usually just make my own at home since I found mine tasting quite nice already.

So to give a heads-up on people who are as clueless as I was about Dakasi, here are some info about it from their press release:

Dakasi, aptly translated to “big cast”, is a popular milk tea brand from Taiwan. Where other milk tea brands only have a few flavors, Dakasi offers a gamut of confections from traditional bubble milk tea, fruit teas, to hot tea and even coffee. There’s definitely something for the drinks lover at Dakasi!

Founded in 1990, Dakasi has over 400 stores in China alone, and is rapidly growing in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Each one of these locations is guaranteed to deliver the same high quality of taste and freshness in every cup. On February 14 last year, Filipinos finally got to experience the Dakasi promise when the first local store was opened in Marquee Mall, Pampanga. More stores were opened in Metro Manila and other key locations just a few months later. Today, there are already 17 branches all over the Philippines. 

17 stores in 1 year? That's just... well, amazing! I didn't know that it was that popular! I know that there is a craze with Milk Tea right now in the country but this much in a year is already saying something about the brand. And it's nice that its anniversary is on Valentines Day! :)

So last Saturday, I went to the event. I came with our adopted sister blogger, Helen of Lucky Citrine. We haven't been to the place before so it was quite an adventure since we met up at a different venue first. Haha!

My first impression of the place was it looks so cute and lively with the yellow and white color scheme and the bright lights inside the store. And that star is soooo CUTE!

The place was spacious! Probably one of the biggest milk tea places I've seen. 

Even the work area for the staff is spacious!

There was a table filled with snacks too! 

I was glad that I chose not to eat lunch cuz I indulged myself to all these...

I wasn't able to take a photo of the cheesesteak but that one was super delish!

But the winner for the snacks would have to be...
These chocolate chip cookies!
They are soooo chewy and delicious! OMG. And they are so big too! Yummmmm!

I heard they are thinking of serving food that would taste good with their milk teas. I'm sure hoping that those cookies are one of them. I'd buy jars of those! Bye, bye diet again! Hahahaha!

As for my first order of beverage, I got their bestseller, the Bubble Milk Tea with extra egg pudding!

When I took my first sip, I thought, 'this is yummy.' But the next sip, as I chew on the pearls and egg pudding, I definitely loved it even more! It wasn't overwhelming of sweetness and the blend of the pearls and the milk tea itself is just right. 

A few moments later, the main event started with Melai as our host.

Liz, who invited us and brand consultant of Dakasi, gave an introduction about the brand and its newest branch.

Mr. Dexter was then on the floor to discuss further what Dakasi is all about and what separates it from other Milk Tea brands.

Dakasi prides itself on the wide variety of unique tea-based concoctions on the menu. The signature rich, milky flavor has converted many an apathetic soul into a milk tea addict. Unlike competitor stores that rely on powder mixes, Dakasi brews high quality tea leaves imported from Taiwan. Tapioca pearls are used within three hours of cooking, and sugar syrup is made onsite daily for freshness. Even the ice used to chill drinks are made by Dakasi itself, to ensure that only quality products make it into their milk teas. 

Interesting, huh?
Melai commented that "Dakasi is like the Milk Tea version of Starbucks" but Mr. Dexter would like to change that thought to, "Starbucks is the Coffee version of Dakasi." 
That would be a great mission for the brand and I look forward for that time to come.

They even showed us how they make the teas.
Mr. Aldrich shared with us the steps on how they make the tea...

Gab showed the steps to us like it's so easy. He can do all the steps under 45 seconds. And 25 seconds of that is because of the shaker!

They really train the staffs well and make sure that the work station is always clean!

Each drink is made to order by the hygiene-conscious staff, who undergo a month of rigorous training before formally joining the team. Dakasi takes the health and well-being of its customers very seriously. As a food services provider, sanitation is of utmost importance to the company. Containers and machines are emptied and cleaned daily, while counters are thoroughly disinfected as well.

After that, there was a game that I participated in. I just wanted to grab a chance to take home something to give to my friend/sister, Liz, who is studying for her exams. Unfortunately for me, the game was something I'm sure to lose. It's the 'whoever drinks up her milk tea wins' and that includes the pearls! I drink cold drinks pretty slow. So yeah, even with my size, I can't compete! Haha!

Ana won the game. She drank it all faster than how it was made! I think it was under 30 seconds! Look at my face amazed on how fast she was! Hahaha! We still got some consolation prizes though. :P

After that, we did some picture taking! Yayyy!

Me enjoying another order of Milk Tea.

Me with Liz

and here are the lovely ladies I was seated with, Helen of Lucky Citrine and Mariz of Candy Mag.

We then stayed for a few more minutes to chat. Some ordered more (they would even let us order the whole items in the menu if we wanted to... for free!).

And they do have a HUGE selection of drinks! Besides milk tea, they have yoghurt drinks, smoothies, coffee, and Iced Tea!

Just look at their product menu (photo taken from their FB Page):

I'm so trying their Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea next...

And btw, if you wanna check their list of branches, I took a photo from their flyer...
(Just click on the photo to enlarge)

I'm glad that there are a number near my area! I'll get to use the GC's they let us take home...

We got some goodie bags too! I got super cute doggy stuffed toys, Dakasi pens, Pasta (not included in the pic), and a lot of GC's!!!! Around 33 pcs which I can't wait to use!

You can check for more updates in their Facebook Page and Twitter.

And that concludes my post. A big congratulations to Dakasi Philippines for opening their newest branch and I wish for more branches to open!

 It was a happy Saturday for me since I get to do what I love all day - beauty shopping, blog events, and artsy stuff!

So do you like Dakasi? Which drink is your favorite?



  1. This 'Dakasi' place looks
    niiice c: You are lucky
    to have an invitation of
    the grand opening! The
    side dishes looks yum as
    well c:


  2. Wow! I've never heard about Dakasi before. Too bad there's no branch near my place, i would like to try their milk teas :)

  3. Ice - They really are! I'm indeed very lucky! :)

    elgee - Hope they open a branch near you. I'm loving their drinks!