Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Pinkies Collections Makeup Base

Hi guys! :)

Do you use Makeup bases?
I use one everytime I put makeup since I have oily skin and it helps a lot for my makeup to stay on my skin for a longer period of time.

So when I was at the Pinkies Swear Booth at Watsons, Ayala Center, Cebu, I bought one since the SA told me it was their best seller.

So for today's post, a short review on...

Pinkies Collections Makeup Base

This 115ml bottle is only Php199.00.
It's packaged in a cute pink salmon box which attracted me to the stall since I just love that color!

Here is a list of ingredients as labeled on the box:

This was new to me when I bought this. All I know for now is that it is a sister company of the local brand, James Cooper.

So on to the review...

I use this after I have cleansed, toned and moisturized my face and before I put on my foundation and other makeup.

You only need about a pea size of this and you can spread it throughout your face. It has a semi-light consistency and has a milky color. But it doesn't leave any color on your face. It dries and gets absorbed by skin fast so you can proceed on applying makeup in a jiffy.

If you have good skin and you don't put much product on your face, like my friend who I test-ran it with, then this is a good makeup base for you. It really does prolong the lasting power of your makeup.

But if you are like me who uses layers of products such as BB Cream, foundation, concealer, loose powder, etc. (curse you bad skin!!!) and have oily skin, then you might not like this. It actually makes my makeup cake and also produces creases in inner corners of my face. It also tends to make my skin oil faster than usual.

So would I buy this again?
No. Because this does not suit my skin and the way I apply my makeup. It doesn't work well as a makeup base on me. But this is probably good enough for those who are on a budget and use light makeup and have dry to normal skin.

Have you tried this product yet?
What do you think of Pinkies Collections Makeup Base?
Do you use Makeup bases too? Which is your favorite?



  1. the packaging is quite cute but its such a pity that it didnt work for you. I use Pur minerals primer and it works super great on oily skin! ^_~

  2. aww I was looking at this one the other day.I'm a bit hesitant. So far ok ang elf primer for my daily use though it doesnt prolong the makeup.

  3. Janet - Oooo... Only Pur product I've used so far is their eyeshadows. I wish I could try more. :)

    Eyah - Haven't tried the Elf one but I'm liking the one I have now, my Coffret D'Or. I am also currently using Bourjois. :)