Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Double Review : Krave Cosmeceuticals Oil Eliminator and Misty Pritz

Hi loves!

Today I shall be sharing with you a double review of products from Krave.
I reviewed both products in the same post since I use them together and I've been using these two for almost a month now...

These products are...

 Krave Cosmeceuticals Oil Eliminator 

Krave Cosmeceutical Misty Pritz

I got these using the GC Krave gave me during their first anniversary event a few months back.

First, let's go to the Oil Eliminator...

I believe this is the new packaging... It looks classy and the puff is very soft. It gives off the right amount of product that should be applied. Only thing I didn't like is that since you have to use it directly to skin, it can get kinda unhygienic since I don't think the puff can be taken off for washing.

Here are pics of the box at each side:

Most of the important descriptions are already there. I like that they made the box look classy and all but the label is quite hard to read. I guess I notice this things since I'm an advertising arts graduate and took up 2 courses of package design. I guess they need to find a better printing partner or a better material to print on. :P

So here's what's labeled on the bottom:

So let's go to the review:
This is worth Php520.00.

Here's the product on my arm:

The powder is very fine and smooth. Easy to blend on skin. It is odorless too which I like.

But be careful on how much product you put on because it can still leave your face kinda whitish. See what happens to my arm when I try to blend the product.

Here's my face with my usual makeup...

and here is my face when I apply the oil eliminator.
It lessened the shine, gave my face a matte finish and it did minimize the appearance of my annoying large pores. So yayy! But it didn't really control the shine of my face for 12 hours long. I got super oily already in a matter of 4 to 5 hours. Longer than usual since I really do have oily skin.

So that's where the Misty Pritz come in...

I've been looking for an affordable Setting spray and I was glad to see that Krave offers one and it's just for Php 450.00.

Here are the labels on the box...

Just like my thoughts on the box of the oil eliminator, the printing is kinda bad. 

Here's what's on the back. Now this is much, much more readable! 

This is a spray bottle and in just 2 sprays, you can get the product around your face already.

The product is also odorless, colorless and easily dries up on your face. It get's absorbed by the skin quite fast. I feel refreshed when I spray this. I would bring this in my kikay kit but the bottle is too heavy.

I don't know if this does anything to makeups such as eyeliner/ mascaras that aren't waterproof but just to be safe, make sure that you spray it at least 10 inches away from your face.

So let's see how the combo of the oil eliminator and the Misty Pritz work on me by challenging myself not to retouch nor even blot the oil off my face while I was out of the house for 7 hours.

Before and after 7 hours pictures

As you can see in the pictures, I'm still oily and shiny as usual. I got all oily/shiny in 4 to 5 hours. But what I like is that my makeup didn't cake and I didn't experience any smudging from my eyeliners/mascaras that usually happens when my face gets too oily.

And these products never gave me skin irritations nor breakouts which is great. These two might also take you a while to finish them off since a little amount goes a long way.

So that's all for my double review. What are your thoughts on these two?
Have you tried them? What Krave Products do you like? :)


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