Saturday, March 02, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Makeup Launch

 Happy weekend everyone!!

Last Wednesday, I was invited by Etude House to the launch of their newest makeup line, Sweet Recipe. It was held at Tous Les Jours, Eastwood, a French-Asian Bakery that offers delicious bread, pastries and cakes!! 

Eastwood is actually quite far from my place but I just HAVE to attend this event.
I've been a fan of some Etude House items and knowing first hand the newest products they will be sharing with us, I didn't mind the long travel and the annoying heavy traffic. :P

I was in batch 2 of the bloggers they've invited. Upon arrival, they gave me this cute press bag/ Etude House paper errr... house? Whatever it's called, it's SUPER CUTE! 

It contained these items which I will do reviews on soon!

Wow! Everything seem so cute right?
I'll show you the whole line in my next post!

So I was seated with these fabulous beauty bloggers:

 Jes, Kumiko, and Ina

Also took a picture with Erika, and Rea (EH's Marketing Officer)

In front of us is an LCD screen for the presentation and this gorgeous pink train case where the new products are displayed. 

I wanted to try every single bit of product in that case!

Before the presentation started, they let us grab some of the amazing food they've prepared for us. Different kinds of sweets were present for us to eat! 

It's a heavenly display of delicious treats for us to enjoy!

And among the desserts present were the actual products that blends well with the dessert motif! The packagings are all themed after sweet foods... there was an instance that I actually checked if the item I took was edible. Haha!

The whole table was soooooo pretty! Just look at all these displays!

The pink chocolate fountain was so cute... and yummy!

Of course, the macarons were and always will be a favorite of mine!

The candy canes over there are actually lippies!

After our delightful treat of sweetness, there was a short introduction on the products of their new makeup line by Mr. Kim Boram. As mentioned before, I'll share with you these items in our next post.

They also prepared a makeover tutorial by Ms. Lim Haneul where she showed us on how to use the products from their newest line.

The look was a simple and full of pastel colors! 

After the makeover, the model looks so fresh and even more beautiful.

And lastly, since the event took place in TLJ, they gave a presentation on how their famous, Rose Inspiration Cake, is made. Their head baker, Mr. Peter did it with confidence like he can do it even with his eyes closed.

and we got to take one home too!

Tadaaa! Apologies for the ruined leaves. But it's still so beautiful and delicious too!

The event was so fun - an explosion of sweetness and cuteness!
I can't wait to try out and share with you my thoughts on the new products of Etude House - Sweet Recipe Line. The products will be out by the end of March so stay tuned for it!



  1. Sayang I was part of the first batch, i hope to meet you next time. :)

    xx, Kim
    Kimpossibly Gorgeous

  2. SO CUTE!! I love Etude House! awesome event!

  3. Everything's soooo adorable! UGH I wanna be there too!♥♥♥

    CJ - FMWL

  4. Such an awesome event! I'm so envious you were part of it! I really can't wait to see all the reviews, I haven't got much from them but I do love their nail polishes!

  5. EH products are super cute talaga. I can see you girls had tons of fun! :D

  6. Wow! You're so lucky to have been invited to the Etude House event! Just looking at all those goodies (And food) is making me so envious~

    And you got free products too! I'll be waiting for your reviews ^^


  7. You are so lucky to be part of such amazing event. :) Super cute and fancy products. :D

  8. Kim - Hope I could meet you as well!

    Sharlynn - I also love their polishes! Reviews soon! :)

    Gellie - We did! :D

    Sandy - Lucky indeed. Will do the reviews soon!

    Kandis - Agree! :D

  9. I wonder where you can buy that makeup organiser with the mirror + lights. I WANT IT :'(

    If anyone knows where to get it, pls contact me through :)