Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review: Bifesta Cleansing Lotion

Hello ladies!

This is actually a long overdue reply review for Ms. Iya Boto...

So, sorry to keep you waiting for this review... but here we go.

I used to always use Cetaphil lotion for removing my make up... but then I started to not like the feeling of lotion on my eyes and I started to notice that I'm not really able to get all the make-up off, and I keep rubbing my eyes just to get all the products off them.

So I turned to our ever favorite make-up artist for advise and found this little video:

I initially wanted to buy Bioderma, since well, that's what she's using. But it is really hard to find locally and I'm not too great at buying stuff online (plus I don't have any means to pay for online purchases). So I scoured for a water-base make up remover that was cheap enough for my budget but is good enough for eye make-up removal.

Then Dawn told me about Bifesta. We bought ours at Landmark in Makati. I'm not sure if you can find it in other branches. Anyway, I would have to say that it's performance is quite comparable to Bioderma. 

I follow Lisa's eye make-up removal routine using Bifesta and I find that it pretty much wipes my eyes clean, no nasty residue that looks like you smudged your eyeliner or you cried with your make up on. It just depends on how long you keep the wet pad onto your eye.

So let's go point by point.

1. Does it remove waterproof mascaras or any waterproof make-up at that?
- yes it does. It just depends on how long you keep the wet cotton pad pressed onto your eyes... The longer the better. And if you're not the nagtitipid type, 3-4 pumps would be awesome. But if you're planning on making it last... stick to 1-2 pumps and press it on for longer.

2. Does it remove fake eye lashes?
-yes, it melts the glue very efficiently for that very smooth, no ouch removal of your fake lashes.

3. Can it remove really brightly colored lipstick?
-yes, it wipes your lips clean as a whistle. But I'd advise you to wash your lips with water afterwards as the after taste isn't so nice. :)

The Bifesta line comes in four formulas: Moist (for dry and sensitive skin), Sebum (for combination-oily), Brightup (for dull and flaky skin), and Agecare (for mature skin).

I'm using the Sebum one, although I'm currently using it for eye make-up removal only and rarely for my face since I use cleansing oils for that... but this is also a great product to use for the whole of your face just depends on how you want to use it I guess. :)

So there you go. Our short review for the day! I'm celebrating my last day of exam with a good nap so off with my make up. :)



  1. I love Bifesta! I also use Sebum at the moment, but I want to try Moist as I have sensitive skin. Sebum didn't really make me break out though, but maybe Moist is a bit gentler.

  2. Hi Sis, that's actually one of my fave vids from lisa eldridge..hehe
    I'm currently using Bioderma for removing my eye makeup only, and it's running out since I only have the 100ml bottle.

    Where can I purchase Bifesta and How much is it?
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  3. Pat - I think Dawn's using that one... I'm not so sure though.

    Hollie - Hi! Try any Landmark store there or Watsons. Dawn said the big watsons stores sometimes have them. Hope you find one. SO inggit naman me, you got to buy Bioderma... where did you buy it?