Friday, March 15, 2013

Nature Republic Baby Tok Lip & Cheek in 01 Baby Rose

Hi guys!

It's the weekend again!
Time to relax and pamper ourselves once again!

Today, I'll take a break from all the product reviews and just give a swatch post on one of the few cream blushes that I love.

I don't like cream blushes since I have very oily skin and it doesn't stay long on me, but this one just looks so nice both as a blush and a lippie...

Nature Republic Baby Tok Lip & Cheek in 01 Baby Rose

This is around Php 300.00.

I'm beginning to like really soft pink shades now, especially for my lips. A nice break from all the reds I've been using for so long.

I believe this is available in 4 shades.

Anyway, here are the swatches:

on my arm

Here's me using the product as my blush and lippie

It's very pigmented and gives a certain glow on my face too. I especially like it as a lippie...

See! Nice, eh?

The color suits my skin tone nicely even though it's a light shade of pink. This sort of reminds me of a MAC lippie my sister used to have.

Anyway, what do you think of the color?
Do you have one that is of a similar shade? I'd like to know! 



  1. Gondo DAwn, fresh :) Love the shade on your lips!


  2. hi love, i'm having a little blog giveaway over at my blog. hope you can visit my blog and join my giveaway
    xo, Georgia

  3. oooh, it give such a lovely color! loved ko! ^_~

  4. ang ganda ^-^ love the shade, gives a more youthful feel as against reds :D

  5. The color looks great on you! I have baby tok too but in Baby Plum. I love this lip and cheek tint but I think Nature Republic has brand new ones with a different name.

  6. Thanks, girls!

    Charlie - really? I'd like to check them out when I drop by a Nature Republic store again. :P

  7. Wow! So ganda! I like its pigmentation, ha!!! Most lip/cheek color kasi, hindi ganito ka-pigmented...