Saturday, March 09, 2013

NOTD : Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails

Hello, everyone!

Do you love nail arts like I do?

It can be expensive if you get it from salons and quite time consuming if you do it on your own. But good news! Etude House's new makeup collection has a great set of new polishes that can give an instant nail art finish on your nails!

Just look at my nails now!

Cute, huh?

I used these polishes:

Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails

The packaging is just so cute!
They really look like those cute ice cream cones. 

Even the finish looks like ice cream!
The blue one's like a blue cookies and cream or bubblegum flavor with round marshmallows and the yellow one looks like mango/cheese flavor with lots of sprinkles!

Left hand

Right Hand

I applied 3 coats to achieve this solid color. But 2 coats is enough if you have shorter nails.

These nail polishes comes in 4 shades too.
Not quite sure how much each is yet but I'll try to drop by one of their stores once they're out late this March so I can try out the other two. :)



  1. Hello! i love how you do your nail polish!!! i so envy people like you because i'm the type of person who is so frustrated when it comes to pedicure or manicure. i really don't know the proper procedure on how to put nail polish. Hay! Anyway. Keep it up!!!


    Followed you via GFC, hope you do the same. Thanks! :)

  2. When I showed this to my sister,she just fell in love with the bottle's design.It's just so fun and awesome. And seeing the color on your nails makes me want to buy 'em. =))

  3. I wanna give this a try soon! Ang cute! :)

  4. Czarinna - I don't think I'm good at putting polishes as well. Haha! Practice makes perfect though! Followed you! :)

    Charlie - The bottle is cuteness overload!!

    Czjai - You should! Check out their new makeup base too! It's good! Will post a review on it soon.

    Gellie - Yes! Go get them na! Super cute e! :P