Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weekend Divisoria Haul Part 1: The Necklaces

It's been about a whole year since my last Divisoria visit and boy did I shop! haha! Today, my mom, my sister and I all went to Divisoria for some clothes for Easter Sunday (Easter Sunday is a pretty big event in our family... so we really prepare for it. ^_^). Just to give you a preview of all the stuff we bought... here is a pic of my mom's bed and all the stuff we bought.

So... the first of the many stuffs that we hauled that I'm sharing, are these pretty necklaces we bought at 168. Got them for a really good deal cause my mom is "barat" (good at haggling).

Here are their pendants upclose. :)


See how pretty they are? My mom practically begged the owner to bring down the price and even used the fact that we had almost to zero money for transpo to return home just so she can get them cheap. :)

Anyway, more haul post to come after my last day of exams! :) Wish me luck so I pass all the tests and be one more step to becoming a doctor.



  1. ay cute collections! love the butterfly one! <3

    from Myxilog with love <3

  2. I love the butterfly the most! ^_^ Tis so cute and classy at the same time! ^_^

  3. nice collection! :)

  4. We were deciding on that one and another butterfly design... glad we picked that one... :)