Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review : Suejin Water Gloss BB Cream

Hello loves!

Some of you might be looking for more affordable BB Creams like I do so I quickly buy one whenever I find one interesting.

So while I was browsing the stalls at Robinsons Magnolia Department Store, I saw this...

Suejin Water Gloss BB Cream

This 35ml bottle is only Php150.00.

Labels at the back of the bottle include the list of ingredients...

and at the side, you'll see the expiration date.

Not sure if the 'No.02' is the shade number though. :P

This is what it looks like when you remove the cap. It spills a very small amount of product. The bottle is a bit hard to squeeze so probably when you only have a few amounts left of the product, it will be hard to get it out.

Here's the product on my hand.

It has a warm yellowish shade but still appears greyish.

When blended, it leaves a very sheer, barely noticeable coverage. It has a dewy, glossy finish too. It does look like you're very moisturized!

So the next pictures are the product on my cheeks:

My bare cheek.
As usual, my blemishes are there which I try my best to hide. :P

And here's my cheek with the product.
It somehow lessened the redness and made it brighter but you can still see the blemishes. Very minimal coverage and got my skin a little greyer. But the dewy effect looks nice.

But since I really don't like my blemishes seen, I use a mineral foundation poweder from Physician's Formula.

And here it is. It covered the lighter blemishes which is quite satisfactory for me and it somehow evened out my skin color. Now I can finally proceed with the rest of my makeup.

So here's my face after the makeup process.

To test the lasting power, I will not do any blotting nor retouching during my day out.

After 6 hours, I'm finally home and here's what my face looked.
I'm super oily but I didn't experience caking. The oiliness just looked 'extra oily' because the dewy effect mixed with my natural oiliness. That's why I try to avoid this kind of BB Creams. Oh well.

But if I use the BB Cream alone, the finish is not that good since it made my face greyish and the lasting power isn't any good either. It really needs support from a good face/foundation/setting powder. 

I never experience any skin irritations or breakouts when I use this and it's not hard to remove. I'm just not sure about the skin healing properties and anti-wrinkle stuff that some BB Creams claim. It doesn't state any at the box so I didn't look forward to that. Though I wanted something that already has SPF so that I don't layer too much products on my face.


Locally Available
Brightens my face and has a dewy finish
Doesn't cause irritations/breakouts

Makes my face quite greyish

Barely has any coverage
Doesn't last much long alone
No oil control

Will I purchase again?
No. All of those I listed in my cons are some of the most importants qualities I look for in BB Creams.

So that's my review with this BB Cream.
Are you aware of this product?



  1. I haven't seen this product pa but would like to give this a try just for the sake of trying. Hehe. I don't like it when a bb cream or a particular foundation makes my face greyish din. I'm pretty satisfied with the SanSan BB Cream pa rin talaga. xD

  2. Gellie - The SanSan BB Cream is much, much better than this one! :)