Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review : San San Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Hi dearies!

I'll be sharing with you my thoughts on a product that HBC gave me a couple of weeks back.

San San Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Though I'm still in love with gel liners, I'm also starting to be a fan of eyeliner pens since they are easy to use. They aren't like liquid or gel liners that you have to dip the applicator and stuff. With this one, you just draw straight to the area you want to be lined.

I have them in Brown and Black.
I believe this is around Php 80-90.00 each.

So here are infos from the labels on the packaging...

I'm glad that you can see the list of ingredients, manufacturing and expiration dates. I think it is very important whenever I buy products.

So here's the pen...
It's actually very thick compared to what I prefer for my pen liners. Even if the tip is pointy, I still can't manage to do really thin lines with this one. But it's okay, I usually wear thick liners anyway. :P

Here are the swatches...

On my hand

These are done with only one stroke.
on paper

And here are pictures of my eyes using these eyeliner pens...

Using the black pen

using the brown pen

These pens are easy to manipulate except if you plan to do a really thin line. The black one isn't THAT black. You have to build it up before you achieve a really opaque black.

Upon application, you might have to wait a few seconds, probably 10-15 secs, before opening your eyes so that it's completely dry. 

For the lasting power, with a nice eye primer, this can last the whole day IF you have dry-normal skin. But if your lids tend to get oily like mine, there will be tendencies that the color will smudge on your upper lid. Is it waterproof? Yes. You can swim with this on. Just don't rub it while wet. 

 This product doesn't irritate my eyes. I have some eye products that irritates me when I use them. This one and all other San San products I've tried, don't.

What I like about it :

Locally Available
Easy to use
Available in 2 shades - brown and black
Doesn't irritate me

What I feel neutral about :

It's so long lasting to others but it smudges on me when I get too oily
The black one isn't opaque black that I prefer

What I don't like :

Nothing major so far.

Will I repurchase?
Maybe not. It's handy and easy to use but I still prefer using gel liners. If ever I buy a new eyeliner pen, it will be super thin. :P

What do you think of this product from San San?
What eyeliner pens do you use? Which one is your favorite?



  1. That brown (it actually looks bronze!) looks awesome! I can't believe it's only Php90. I'm putting this on my buy list, thanks for the review!

  2. I love this :) but it gets kinda messy though, especially when the cap "presses" the felt tip :P

  3. Mura nya.. might try the brown own.. I haven't try brown eyeliner pa eh :)

  4. Just used this on my sister for her graduation. Will post my review about it soon. But to sum the experience up, it's okay but not-so awesome. LOL xD

  5. The brown one is actually something different from the usual brown shades of eyeliner. This is more of a bronze. Most of the brown liners out there are like a dark burnt sienna color.