Thursday, March 07, 2013

My February Salad Box

 Hey beauties!

Got my February box from The Salad Box.

February? But it's March already! Well, some of their deliveries got delayed because they changed courrier. :P

You might be wondering why I still got this box even though I stated last time that I was unsubscribing... it's because I forgot to unsubscribe from the website and I was enrolled in automated payment off my credit card. Haha! It's not that I don't like the stuff I get, it's just that I don't get the samples that I really want to try. :P 
Besides, I have to lessen the amount of products I have for now. I guess I'll just subscribe once again when I get to decrease the number of kikay stuff in my stash.

But on to my February Salad box!

It's more bulky now. 

The items in here are bigger! :)

 Of course there's the letter they include about this month's box.

And the list of the products included with corresponding description and prices.

So what are these items?

Amuse Lip Liner in Hot Pink

 Beauty and Bright Facial & Body Lightening Moringa Soap
(I love the scent of Moringa!)

Go Fickle : Fickle Eye and Lip Liner Brush
(I've been thinking of buying more Lip liner brush, well here it is! Haha! And it's 2 brushes in 1!)

Vanilla & Co. Drops of Dew
(It really does smell yummy)

Hotshop Amethyste EDT

and yet again a Carmex Click Stick
(This is my third time to get a Carmex product from The Salad Box. I love Carmex products but for the love of humanity, please give me something else to try!) :)

And there's also a P100 GC from Bittersweet Waxing Studio!

So that's all for this post!
Have a happy Thursday!



  1. *Another* Carmex balm? lol

    I think SaladBox has the worst customer service among the subscription boxes, in terms of answering inquiries. (Too bad I signed on for 6 months oops.) I do appreciate that they're bringing in relatively unknown brands though.

    1. I agree with you.. I tried their free samples last month and it took almost 3weeks before I get my hands on them! Buti na lng I didn't sub. Sa totoo I don't like their products I prefer bdj or glamourbox

  2. Eula - Agree, I like that they give me products from brands that I haven't tried out yet. :) But another carmex balm?? haha! When I inquired, I received an answer within a few minutes. Maybe they improved? Or maybe I was just lucky? haha. :P

  3. When exactly did you get your February box? Trust me their CSR sucks. They effed up by not clearing my Paypal payment so my new purchase wouldn't push through. So now I missed the Feb box and when I complained that I ordered in time and it's their fault I missed the box, they were so NR.

    Now I'm even more annoyed seeing this basically full-size-only box.

  4. Tellie - I got it earlier today as well. And wow, they should really improve their service! I'm sorry to hear about your experience. :(

  5. salad box need to keep up orelse I can see more people will unsubscribe...tsk!