Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weekend Divisoria Haul Part 3: The Clothes

This is going to be the third and last part of our weekend Divisoria haul.

Here are all the clothes we bought. :) Well worth the money if I may say so...
Mama's blouses

Blazers for me. Found a faux-leather jacket! Happy shopper... although it wasn't the best bargain of the day.

Stuffs me and my sister will share...

long skirt



Lastly, my mom's peach gown. We slashed off 150 pesos off the original price of this one! haha! Worth it! :)

Anyway, that's all the stuff we bought. Hopefully we get to do an OOTD (our very first) in the future with these finds. :)

'Till the next haul post.


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  1. wow nice finds,, haven't been to divisoria pa and i honestly dont know the ways to get the best bargains there. poor me. :) love your mom's peach dress too. :)